Saturday, December 30, 2006

Dee Why

staying with Chris at the moment on the headland south of Dee Why beach. Fantastic views over the ocean and Dee Why. I came here yesterday lunch after doing a little bit of clean up at Juss' and Clinton's place after the wedding. I got some good waves this morning even though it was a bit small on an inconsistent beach break. Happy days.

I have just bought the bus tickets to Woolgoolga and the Greyhound is leving tonight at 2130 or something. I will be arriving at around 6am and hopefully someone will be able to take me to Karl's beach villa at that time. Apparently it's right on a pointbreak so with a bit of luck I will be in paradise...

The wedding on Bronte beach was nice and the reception very nice. The fact that I got up early and got a few waves before rigging ther bar and house was a very nice bonus to the day. It was very cool to catch up with Willie for a laugh and a half late in the night when she had some more time. It was also good to hear her sing again. It's been a while. Sean and Anita seem to do well with their kids and the business even thought it's a bit hectic at the moment. Vicky was an unexpected blast from the past and she looked fantastic a marriage and to kids down the line. I remember looking deep into her eyes at Homebake '98. Her husband Mark seems like a really nice guy.

Only a few more days before I fly out to NZ on the fourth!


Sunday, December 17, 2006

Brothers united

So Krille came over this weekend and we had a fantastic time. Good food and drinks on the Friday as well as catching up.

On the Saturday we went into watch Arsenal Portsmouth at the Emirates stadium and it was pretty nice despite the draw. After some haggling we eventually got tickets just as they blew the whistle. The guy took us in showed us our seats and then we enjoyed a terrible second half of the first half only to be invigourated by the first half of the second half. Here's me in the break with the 60 000+ crowd.

After the game we hung back for the 2.50 beer promotion and walked around the stadium, and it is pretty big and impressive. Finishing off the trip to London with some food at L-square in London and some coofe around Picadilly we came back pretty nackered. However, Mattias' had his 30 party so after a couple of drinks we wandered over there and had a fantastic time. Owls are filthy animals.


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Post Birthday Thanks

Thanks to the Swiss Concrete Crew for celebrating me in style. I got to blow out candles and eat chocolate cake, hear bands saluting me as well as the mighty Brainiac singing happy birthday hard core style.

All in a night's worth at Swiss Concrete and a days preparation by Miri, the lucious bakeress. And yeah, our patrons as well as pubstaff enjoyed the cake and swallowing it in like 30 seconds blank.

Thanks, if I'd know it was like this to be 33 I would be 40 now!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Double Three

Another birthday has almost gone by and it is not the same as when you were little. Cleaned the flat, went for a run, baked an apple pie, had some people over. I got two books, one about English mistakes that Scandinavians make and the Zombie survival guide. On weapons against Zombies the following can be read: "The Machine Gun, Since World War I this invetion has revolutionized human conflict".

Live well,

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I can't get no sleep

cause I am moving a full speed, which is nice for a change. At the mo I am in Basel waiting for yet another delayed BA flight. Once again giving me some time to blog. After a super stressful journey to the airport this morning I arrived and was picked up at the airport and had a nice lunch before the meeting, which went very well.

However, not as nice as the food mum prepared for my weekend back in Sweden. Bubbles, starters, roast lamb and dessert as well as coffee and cake rounding of with half a lobster in the evening. Not a bad Friday reception.

Anys, I have now dropped off all my X-mas presents and I am pretty much good to go to Oz and NZ over X-mas. No more trips planned, but my brother is coming over on the 15th, so we'll try to score tix for Arsenal.

Gotta go!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

A day in the life

and what a day! It's pretty rainy and I got a ton of practical stuff to do. Like changing sheets in the bed, laundry, dishes, pay roadtax, buy x-mas presents, get food, buy socks... The evenings musical performance looks good though! Some sort of classical experiement with some more modern bandbased music. I should know but I forgot.

Oh well, on with the show

Friday, November 24, 2006


so I am sitting in another airport being late on a Friday evening. BA is not picking up any "I love you points". I chuffed up my dinner, lambchops, at the restaurant only to run through security and getting the message that it was delayed. It was a late arrival so they knew it all along, modafokers.

Well, it gave me a chance to blog, which I haven't for a while. Bern in Switzerland is a pretty nice place. I really liked it since it is a pretty hilly place for a capitol, with nice architecture, spectacular mountains as a backdrop and very nice slow vibe to it. It reminded me of the best stuff from when I was living in Vienna, combined with more mountains. I could well fancy living here as well...

The week has been pretty hectic, but it was great to get all the stuff done. Another application and heaps of work. Backyard Babies did one of the better gigs I have seen them do at the Zodiac, since they were my guiding light. The songs of total 13 ripped, made me madman, highlights, ufo romeo as well as some of the new stuff.

The trip to Germany was a lot of fun and we played hide and seek, built with lego as well as built sand castles. Mum and dad had got a cold but luckily I seem to have beat it.

Next up, weekend which is a bit unplanned as always. Tomorrow I am doing some stuff at Magdalen college for a charity gig. Tonight will depend on when I get back, but possibly a pub or a bar.


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Climbing up from the hole!

So I guess it was a classic case of getting caught up in the moment and magnifying it and not doing the homework. Anyway, now I have done the homework and am able to slow down take a look, and it looks good.

A new Denturino is going to take shape the next couple of days, Backyard Babies are playing in five days and in two days I meet the nephews.


Sunday, November 12, 2006

staring down into the hole

sell-outs, selfpity and thoughtlessness has brought me here. Though I knew I had to come down at some stage after that dream ride almost a month ago. Especially since there has been no surf at all. But this weekend has been crappier than I thought it would be. Friday was good I suppose, cause I actually felt at home at the X, but Saturday was a disaster and today suffering the consequences.

Oh well, next weekend Dusseldorf, weekend after that Newquay (hopefully), then Sweden and then birthday and then Arsenal game and then Sydney. Feeling desparate but I know it is really good.


Saturday, November 04, 2006

Slowly sleepy Saturday


got up at 8am and checked the webcams in Cornwall. Disappointment, it was like lookingat a f**king lake, not even a ripple. So I watched a surf flick, breakied and did some dishes, before Eva called. She, Nils and I met up at Qi for some lunch and after shopping a hoodie for my oldest nephew, we drove to the woods for a long walk in the sunset.

Next, we shall see.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Muriel's birthday party

was a fun evening. I had a couple of good laughs in my boardies, dress shirt, bow-tie and jacket. The best one was probably by denying Chat a glass and almost burting into tears of laughter whilst doing that. Pinching Alex's ass for the hell of it, but had I known I probably would not. Afterwards I went back to Mattias place with himself and Sonia and has some from their fancy bong.

Yeah and Gappy Tooth was good fun last Friday. On our depature the doorman was commenting on the Denture and Rich goes -"I love the fact that he is reading the Denture" and I went "It's just beacause I gave him two so he could read in stereo" and Rich goes "Only you would think of that". He's probably right...


Friday, October 27, 2006


So what we got here is Newquay harbour. Pretty isn't it?

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ride of my life. Part II

So the weekend has past and it really delivered. Mr Stylemaster, don Tomaso, Tomaten, Tom and so on finally arrived in Oxford on the Thursday evening. After a couple of beers and a nightcap we got some sleep, only to wake up feeling slightly disappointed since the swell had not picked up. But staying true to the proposition that you get more waves on the coast than in Oxford we headed to Newquay.

We arrived around 5-6 O'clock and I was skeptic but Tomas got a board and out we went. Tomas barely made it out back before catching his first and came back with smiles all over. I knew that there was no reason to beat a round the bush and got my piece of the action. As the sunset and dark arrived we were still in surfing in the floodlights of the Fistral surfclub. My last wave of the day was an ego boost since Tom was on the beach looking at me. I saw the wave jacking in front of me and pulled in just as it closed. 1 nano second in the tube before the lip fell like a guillotine on the small of my back. Heeee!

After some dinner and beers at Newquay arms and Skinner's we went to bed, begging for more the day after. Matt at Driftwood lodge woke us up around 0730 for some breakie after which we got out gear into his van and went to Watergate. It was a beautiful morning and the sun was out as we got into our wet wetsuits. The surf was clean and not crowded so it was perfect with a small 2-3 foot swell. I had a fantastic day and caught a lot of waves, including the ride of my life!! I came flygin along the face, quite low on the board and it was just so peaceful. I let my right hand drag and everything was just in harmony on this beautiful little right. The now seemed extended. Afterwards I did not know what to do with myself, I was just high I guess, apart from trying to score more. Surf dream 1 accomplished.

Back in Oxford later on the Saturday we had some food at 10pm and just continued to chat and drink until 4-5 in the morning. It was a well good night! And by the looks of things I will be bestman for the first time of my life in August next year. Tom and Mia are getting married in Fjallbacka and that is going to be sooo cool.

Things are looking up!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hey you, things are looking up!

Yeah, sure as mada fuggin hell they are looking up!

Things have been great at work lately. I get so much good feedback and my ideas are really pulling through. That did not stop me from looking into another great opportunity, which could well blow my mind if it comes to that. However, since you will not be able to cope with the change I'll keep my mouth shut for the moment.

Last weekend Swiss Concrete was running up to the critical third night, which went well. Wombats played and they were by far the best band we've put on, and that I've heard for a long time. Their bassist is Norwegan, Scandianvian qualities, eh? I also had some people for that flat warming effect, and it was great. Good drinks, good conversations and lots of laugh and a pash. Well what can I say. Things are looking up!

Tomorrow Tomas is coming over from Sweden and we will be surfing this weekend, I 've got Friday off. Incha Allah. I am just so stoked cause this summer was difficult and stuff, really the last 12 months, and now I am soo happy. Happy as Larry


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wedding crashing in the Antipodes

Make your arrangements cause I've made mine. Bake a wedding cake, or two! Wax down the boards! Dust off the sights! Prepare the fireworks! Chill the throwbacks!

I'm beaming myself to your playground Willie, Chris, Brad, Miri, Matt, Kopp and Anita. Exercise extreme vigilance!

Outbound : Heathrow (London), United Kingdom to Sydney, Australia
Flight Number : BA7372
Depart : Sun 24 December 2006 11:15
Arrive : Mon 25 December 2006 19:30
Cabin : Economy (Traveller)
Operated By : Qf
Number of Stops : 1

Outbound : Sydney, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand
Flight Number : BA7349
Depart : Thu 4 January 2007 11:40
Arrive : Thu 4 January 2007 16:40
Cabin : Economy (Traveller)
Operated By : Qf
Number of Stops : 0

Outbound : Wellington, New Zealand to Melbourne, Australia
Flight Number : BA7359
Depart : Wed 31 January 2007 15:25
Arrive : Wed 31 January 2007 17:30
Cabin : Economy (Traveller)
Operated By : Jetconnect For Qantas For Qantas Airw
Number of Stops : 0

Outbound : Melbourne, Australia to Heathrow (London), United Kingdom
Flight Number : BA7309
Depart : Sun 4 February 2007 17:10
Arrive : Mon 5 February 2007 05:30
Cabin : Economy (Traveller)
Operated By : Qf
Number of Stops : 1

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Weekends are Good

and so was this one, even though I am a bit sort of disaapointed for not going out yesterday. However, I really needed a break and get some air. I've got my strategy sorted and now I just need to execute. A breath of fresh air!

Friday was really cool and just hanging out at the X for a bit longer than usual. All good fun. Yesterday I hung the photos I bought of Mats Backer two years ago and they are amazing! I found a good solution for hanging them as well, which is cool without paying a cool zillion for framing them.


Thursday, October 05, 2006


I got go ahead to go away for January. They are puttting in a contractor instead of me and it will be all sweet. Looks like there might be two weddings to go to since Willie is swapping rings in Sydney and Matt is up to the same stuff in Wellington. In between I will have time to visit migrant friends in New Zeeland and Oz as well as some indigenous poeple as well. Ah rest assured I will do some sight seeing and surfing as well. Never been to or surfed NZ. It's gonna go off!!!


An accident happens so easy

Go hit by a lorry on the way to work this morning. The follwing words were uttered as I jumped out of the car and the trucker is on his way to get going again:
"You are not going before I have your details"
"Why do you want my details?"
"Why? You f***ing hit me, that's why"
At this stage I am stading right in front of the truck scribbling down rego and phonenumbers... No one got injured and the car is set for repairs next week.

On a separate note there is a housewarming at my place next Friday. The more the merrier...

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Newquay Revisited

So after an excellent Gappy Tooth with the mighty Scroobius Pip, I drove out to Cornwall. It was absolutely classic to hook up with Matt again after 18 months. He's like one of those persons where you just pick up and go from where ever you left it. After an afternoon session at the town beaches, we hit the town for some burger action with Ainsley. After dinner we went of to Skinner an hung out with the real locals drinking it up. It was hard work but those Cornish cold filtered blond ales are just so sweet when they hit the lips.

Today when got up at down, which was a bit of a struggle, and had a really nice session as the sun rose. Caught a few big ones and paddled a lot, had a fright and went on to save my own life. It's just a shame it's such a long way to go. However, when Tomas get's here we will be there for a long weekend which will be real good.

the future ain't what it used to be!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Mission Accomplished

Vell vell,

I got to say it feels pretty good, or should I say would feel pretty good if it had not been for the low preassure hovering above me, after ticking off so many boxes.

Workwise I had to put an idea paper together outlining what I want to do. Today I sent the draft off to my boss, so wen can have a chat about it early next week. It feels like a stab in the dark, but at least I've made that stab, and on time as well.

Then I wanted to get my hair cut, so I went to Sonia today, and now it is not so all over the place. Last weekend I finally got a suit by Mr Smith, or is it Sir nowadays, so I needed to get it to my taylor to widen the ass and shorten the legs. As I tried on the jacket and both Mr Taylor and just go "like a glove". Another little thing that I got done was to change my addresses with the company, the Inland revenue, the Economist and the bank due to the move.

As the Executive Guest Editor of the Denture, I've cracked the whip, cooed and bent over backwards and after editing, printing all I now need to do is fold the little sucker and it's a done deal. I even managed to sneak a little piece about clowns in this one. He he.

Additionally I got the go ahead to book my holidays for January, which means I can go to New Zealand and check out the prison colon of the Antipode. I wonder what it will be like, cause when I was little I saw this program about Maoris and volcanoes and it seemed cool. In uni I was a noselengeth from going to Wellington a year.

Vell vell

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

an inconvenient truth

checked out the al gore movie together with eva and mattias. it's a pretty inconvenient movie about something as boring and non-movie-related as sliced bread. but just like sliced bread i enjoyed it being dished out. and somethings will have to change to something slightly more sustainable, if we are to lead our existance in a sustainable manner, that is.

anys, the movie broke down just as he was getting into the more interesting bit about global warming. it's carbon dioxide, right? but what creates it? cars? fat chance! along with tempratures going off the charts, carbon dioxide is going off the charts, as wellas: world population. this where i would have wanted a bit more. what the hell are we supposed to do? cut dicks off and saw together vaginas? instead we went back to the ticket booth and got our money back.

inconvenient, you bet!

Friday, September 22, 2006


i am so so tired of carrying boxes and of a lot other things.

hate something, change something

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Moving on

.. to a new flat finally, and it feels pretty damn good. I am sitting in my new sitting room and it is not a combo of storage, kitchen and lounge. It feels like a revival of better living, almost like when i stayed on Tomtebogatan in Stockholm for instance.

Because life is short

Monday, September 18, 2006

right to the left

so we will have a new government in sweden and finally someone else than social democrats will abuse the power. interesting. anyway comparing to england the right is more left than labour, so sweden is not up for a big change anyway. but a change none the less and that in itself it will be good.

porkchops with baked potatoes.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Who v3.2.3

sometimes when i see you i wonder what i see. is it you or my picture of you. it never really seem to happen with us. you are just so busy all the time. when you are around then someone else is always around. i don't really know what to say to you about you and i. cause i am not really sure if i see you or just my picture of you.

whatever dude, i never went surfing today. conditions changed. the party was alright with some good people last night. swiss concrete night last thursday went well as well, so we are now well on our way to glory and fame. in sweden there is an election on today, so it will be interesting to see what happens.


Saturday, September 16, 2006

Trying to get high

well, it's been a busy week with sleep in own bed once. Yesterday was teambuiding so we ended up winning a bottle of Moet as first prize. I guess a bottle of bubbles is better than no bottle of bubbles, eh?

I am starting to line up things for the move next weekend and thinking about surfing tomorrow and company fiesta tonight. Possibly, I will go to the party although, to tell you the truth, it does not hold a lot for me. Embrace and Texas will be playing, and I do not believe any of those bands will be giving me an erection.

Anys, I am thinking about driving out and then just get outta there around midnight like a modern night Cinderello. That way I could be cruising straight out to the beach have a snooze and be in the water early if the swell is big or lounge 'til 9 when the tide is turning. On the other hand, perhaps it is much ado about little surfing since it is 500 miles of driving.

Stay tuned

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The garden party

Swung by Pete's place for a party, which turned out to be a really good idea. Pete had invited me some weeks ago, during a wet night at the Zodiac, and said that he would have some friends over and they would play and things. Anyways, I rocked up and their garded is transformed into a small venue. And then there are like a couple of really good singer-songwriters along with Script that are playing. Nice mellow vibe with the barbeques grilling away in one corner and later the moon and the stars came by for a bit of the gig.

High class at it's high

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Election in less that 2 weeks

Scandals and stuff in Sweden,

Apparently the Swedish prime minister is disgusted to find out that the miniscule Liberal party has been checking the Socialdemocrats intranet. The party's secretary has branded the Liberal party's leader a rapist although apparently he has not been involved with the intrusions. Do not get me wrong, I do not support data intrusion, but let's get a sense of proportion here.

These are the very same persons that have allowed extra-ordinary rendition flights to and from Sweden. Without feeling sick they have assisted to populate Guantanamo and other potential torture chambers. They equate data intrution by association with rape, with out feeling sick. And restassured there is no question that they have known about these intrusions for a long long time, without feeling sick.

Well, I am feeling fucking sick reading about you, you powerhungry, debased and spinning primeminister. I hope that sometime the legacy of you and the social democrates will become clear to the nation. However, I am sure that that day is closer in Cuba (Castro, Revolution) than in Sweden (Socialdemocrats, Welfare state)

And yes, I know it's the same crap with the rest of the parties, but parties stink even more if they get to linger on the throne for too long.


went climbing for the first time since last time. It was good, and I just hope that I have not straind my right shoulder too much this time around, since it bugged out last time. Anys, it was good fun and I managed to make some progress on my pink nemisis.

Apart from that it seems like everyone is getting married or children, and I can only say congratulations. May you get what you want!

Sunday, September 03, 2006


I picked up the latest NOFX album. Just like the insightful album War on Errorism a few years ago, this one delivers fairly contemporary critic of the state of the union.

"The ship is listing, the captain is placing blame on the iceberg: -That berg attacked us, I am declaring war on the Arctic"

Who would have thought that this would be our world a few years ago? The hands of the devil are employed all over the place. Make a difference in your world, try to get on with thy neighbour.


Saturday, September 02, 2006

Putsborough or something

Ant-man put on one helluva show with Sue yesterday. He even dropped a plectrum on my request. And Tounsi with Raggasaurus is a treat.

Three hours of sleep later I got up and started driving the 200 miles to the surf. After some breakie in Bristol (more coffee) and a 7 minutes powernap on road 361, I was suited up and in the water by eight.

Puts was reasonably clean, grey skies and rain in the air, but it did not matter. I just went for it. Tried to work a bit more on wave selection and stuff, but I could definately feel that it's been 4-5 months since Marocco. Rusty and Happy! Afterward I caught up with Mitch and Sally. We went for some coffe on Saundison(?) beach.

Now I am back in Oxford and pretty spent. I would have stayed on a bit longer had the forecast been better. Which it was not.

Blissfully yours,

Friday, September 01, 2006

Bands + surf = LoL

so it looks pretty good. today i have had a nice meal, some good wine and am no into the coffee. i have just got a text from mitch declaring that the surf will be up tomorrow. i guess i should have been on my way now, if it had not been for anton barbeau and raggasaurus, who are playing the wheatsheaf tonight. ant man gave us a couple of good shows last year when he was over.

forecast: fun

Saturday, August 26, 2006

waking up to sleep

the hang over from hell is starting to let go of me. i can finally go to sleep. as always the surf is crap in this country and i will just do some sight seeing tomorrow. some bank holiday, huh..

gotta get some,


it feels like the past summer has just struck me with a hangover. sure it's been great and stuff and i would not wanna change it for the world, however, now i just feel bored. the zillion dollar question is hovering over me, like damokles' sword, and i do not know the answer.

had a good night yesterday att the gappy tooth. lots of laugh and stuff. the denture was read and things, so no complaints. now i need to get up and get going on the weekend...


Monday, August 21, 2006

Swiss Contrete

so we think we have put our first night on. so we think you had a real good time. well not like this (before)!

stornoway kicked ass! sailplanes were alright. foxes!!! wanted all of us to get into hunting! we took about 50 people into the port mahon's upstairs livingroom. we are talking full, or close to full anyway. the swiss concrete staff are super-stoked!

i never knew it could be so much fun to be a part of something, but it is! this is more fun than necking the girl next to you. well, maybe not, but close!

unfortunately the working week starts now and later on today i ship out to the netherlands for a few days. could be fun, but then again, so could a ball at the castle be.

see you around.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


The weather is great, and I am in the office. I am so going to enjoy the weekend and it starts tomorrow!

Go weekend!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The executive super important editor

That's right, that's me, I am the big cheese!

Oh well it's only for this month, but it has been cool fun, and a bit of work. I have written an editorial and done a cover! I put one of my nephews on it as a young gum. he he! I would like to thank mum, dad, russ, rich, rob, matt, miri, kris and above all my editing role model anita (you might remember her from my first written piece "why do american punk rockers go out with the new wave hooker girls").

Gotta sleep

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dreamtime is over

So, apparently, or so I am told, you dream less when there is no full moon. I want to dream more, cause at the moment it's a bit better than reality. I wont get into the details, but let's just say that I am still in the same old cross road, and I am running out of flowers.

Climbing this weekend was good fun though and I solved a problem after a few attempts. Good fun. Tonight me and the Brainiac played some squash, but he was a bit tired. Average fun. Today I was so tired of the office that I did not feel like working. Anti fun.

Hate someting, Change something

Saturday, August 12, 2006


I am in the zone again. I am dreaming more and more vividly, which is great. Sometimes I get the feeling that life would be better if I lived the dream. Then again reality is not all bad.

Today some climbing in reality

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Back in the fro!

Worklife routine is trying to seak up on me, but I just wanna be free. So far it has been good to be back. Nice and relaxed!

Last monday I went out to Head of the River with Grace, which was nice. The food on the other hand was terrible since my stirfried noodles were swimming in soy sauce. A little goes a long way..

Yesterday we all met up at Richard's new place out in the Insect Lays. It was really nice and we did sort out the final details of our first promotion night next week. I also sent an email to Simon about going to Helsinki in September to watch some great bands there...

Today I have spoken to the real estate agent and I will be moving to a bigger flat in the same block in about a month and a half. Go me. Finally I will get a livable flat. I so should have done this earlier! Also had the bestest dream this morning and woke up with such a nice warm mellow feeling!


Sunday, August 06, 2006

Gotta go go!

We rocked up at the harbour in Gothenburg and the sun was baking. First up was C Arme, and they did a resonable gig in the sunshine. Sort of emopunk and at their best they reminded me of Sounds Like Violence, which is the pride of Scania. Then we had to take a stop in the beer tent. Drained tastless lager poured in plastic glasses, fantastic! Fortunately we barely have time to drink it and interact with a terrorist as well as a big screen producer, before Hellacopters take us out of our misery.

Hopeless case of a kid in denial
Long gone loosers
No song unheard
Grace of God
Everything is on TV
Gotta get some action

..and probably some more high quality garage rock is what they dish up for us and working my way towards the pit, I eat it all up and lick the plate. This is a band that keeps rock and roll real. I have supported them for years now and even though their albums are going the wrong way, live is where they're always at!

Backyard Babies changed my life early 1998 with their concert at the Old Jazzhouse in Gothenburg, when they where releasing their Total 13. However, nowadays, their albums suck, their performance suck and it seems like they have been nutered cause the energy is not there anymore. Nicke used to dominate the crowd with his kick ass attitude. And what's up with the "Clap your hands Gothenburg", you wanna lead Allsång på Skansen? Anys, the songs Subcultural hero and Made me Madman almost bring me back to that special place you once showed me. Thanks for the memories.

Millencolin on the other hand is exploding on stage. Energylevels up and just rip through their set. Not having brought Kingwood is a drawback, and at the merch stand they only sell t-shirs and girlies. But they go off! The medley, in the extra, is a nice one, where a lot of the old stuff at least gets aired.

All in all it was well worth the trip. Funny moment 1 was when a 14 year girl grabbed hold of me a shouted "Strömstad" during the Hellacopters gig. Apparently she saw me there during last weeks concert. It's a small world and her friend was wearing braces.


Friday, August 04, 2006

Forecast: Action!

Yes! Finally this interruption in worklife routine is drawing to a close. I cannot wait to Monday!*

The trip to Karlskrona was a success. Dinner at Nivå with Fredrik, Stina, Ina, Johan and Malin as well as to catch up with goodlooking Anna but most of all surfer extra ordinare Henke. One too many drinks of course, but who am I to argue with the liver. Next day was memory trip lane and catching up day. Engangments and babies and sons as well as returning to an old office and seeing some old faces. I had a lump in my throat and belly. On my way home a stop in Växjö with Göran and friends at a lake, which was an unexpected bonus.

Today my uncle and his wife came by with the grandparents for dinner. I also sorted out most of the stuff I keep in storage along with buying a new pair of runners.

Tomorrow, more action, this time in Gothenburg.


*Not really

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

summer summer

As always, time moves too quickly. So many things to do, places to see and people to meet. So might say it is all about prioritisation, and I would agree, but wouldn't it be great if you could get even more!

Anys, I am off to the Baltic sea to check out the cholera epidemic and get some myself. To night I will be at the old watering holes and see some people from the past in the present. It's gonna be good fun. Maybe I will manage to get hold of Påntåsia and get some wakeboarding again...


Monday, July 31, 2006

Where the action is!

The action is in Stromstad on the Swedish westcoast. I came back from five days over there and it was action packed:

Harbour sailing in Grebbestad: Check
Catching up with friends: Check
Running tabs at Konserven: Check
Wakeboarding: Check
Eating herring on Koster: Check
Surfboarding on wake: Check
Eating prawns at Havstensund: Check
Barbecue: Check
Drinking beers in Stromstad harbour: Check
Hellacopters, Millencolin, Backyard Babies, Soundtrack of our lives: Check
Making out at Skagerack: Check
Skinny dipping under the stars: Check
Beach fire: Check

Pictures will be popping up a bit later but I can only say one zillion thanks to those involved:
Tomas, Mia, Anders, Camilla, Tore, Arne, Eva, Lars, Jerry. I had a blast. If the man had not been scoping me out, we totally would have got that moshpit going.

Now I will kick back before travelling down to Karlskrona on the east coast.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

keep on truckin

the ticket has been laying around for heaps long and now it is no longer there on the shelf next to the door. highlights were definately the priscillas and just spacing out in the sun drinking beer. i love down and dirty all girl garage rock bands with a sense of humour. they reminded me a bit of the voladoras. mmmm.

got some chores, but now i am gonna sleep

Saturday, July 22, 2006

no sleep for the wicked

my neighbours are moving to london, and yesterday their friends and some neighbours saw them off. it was a good and completely alcohol fuelled event. Now off to truck

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

seafood in milan

and some highly productive meetings was the result of the two day trip. It was good to come back to 35 degrees in England, though Heathrow was a mess as always. To go for a run on the meadow and then a swim in the Thames was fantastic just now. The boardies are still wet..

On the Monday I went to Gs place and had dinner. It was really tasty actually so she can cook in a cool and relaxed manner without going over the top. I likes. Of course we talked and talked and then I took a taxi home. When I came home I chatted with Mattias about the CV and prepared for the flight to Milan.

Anys, still no news what Princess has decided down under. In more than one way, it would be great if she came back, but I have not told her that. I never will either, unless of course, she looks up this blog.

Ma ha ha ha haaaa

Next week I will be on the Swedish west coast. Only 8 days to go to: Where the action is 2006 tour

Sunday, July 16, 2006

I also love Green!

Your results:
You are Hulk

Green Lantern
The Flash
Iron Man
Wonder Woman
You are a wanderer with
amazing strength.

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Quiz

Saturday, July 15, 2006


Got some pics from one of the guys that I went to Engelberg with in March. This picture speaks volumes about my relationship with the world around me. I some times just wanna shot it in the ass! At the moment though I wish I was there or in Morocco. Shiit boy, I've had some good holidays this thata year.

Watch out I am coming to get ya!

And yes, that means you too... Rararararendez vous with anus!


Strange things are happening in the Middle east. I cant believe in what the Israeli government is doing right now, it's just going to lead to more misery for everyone. They seem to have learnt nothing from Iraq and past wars. You cannot wage war for peace, it is as simple as that. The building of the new wall, was bizarre enough, but this is just horrible in a mind boggling kind of way.

As so the body count, 25 times more Libanese killed, 6 times more Libanese injured and the Libanese infrastructure is being demolished, on a grand scale. There is no moral high ground to be found when the blood is dripping from Israeli hands.

Shame on you, Israeli politicians and the ones who elected you. You are not acting in the best interest of yourself, your people, your country, your neighbours, the region, the world. Basically your murderous behavior suck, in a big way!


Friday, July 14, 2006


that's it. i am gonna buy some beers and a burger and go to university parks. and see if the world can start spinning again!

spinning and spinning

soon it will stop. soon the ride will be over and i will wake up. decisions, choices and fucked up situations. what do you say to people when they ask you. i just do not know. i just cant make it fly nor put the right spin on things. why am i so tired and why am i so edgy. i dont know, but soon i will be on the other side. things cannot spin faster and faster without slowing down forever. you laugh. thanks for tonight. maybe next time i will jump in your arms.

when it rains, it pours

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

i cant get no sleep

so i got up around 0530 and went for a run. too much on my mind. first song on the player was a hives song, a.k.a.i.d.i.ot.

it's a beatuiful morning and i went around port meadow. mist over the river and fields. swans' necks sticking up like periscopes, cows grasing and drinking, the sun rising like a fireball as well as some river boats camping along the thames.

here we go again.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


you are a genious! you are the best player in the cup. and you got the trofee!

zidane, you keep the hero stuff real.

Crap crap crap

There's too much crap in this title, cause it's another bad day, Spence!

Some get divorced and some don't, but in the end of the day you wanna be there for your loved ones, and that makes today such a crap crap crap day.

Over and, yes, Crap

Saturday, July 08, 2006


about all the things you do well and then decide what you will continue to do. I am having a bit of a moment of clarity here after doing a brief interview with Glenda for this month's Gappy Tooth at the Zodiac. She's a bit of a bäd äs, I suspect Ajja, but without dressing up. On stage she feels she has freedom, and can do things that would have got her arrested or put down in one way or another. Why does she do it, "because at least they are not watching TV"...

I love bäd äs girls. I'm like Pharrel, in that way, since he also appreciates the finer features of the feline appearence.

Her ass is like a spaceship or a loaf of bread!

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Yeah, I know my posts have been a bit boring lately, but that's simply because I did not want to just complain. But now I can't hold back any more, cause it's just too boring.

-I guess the negotiations of leaving my employment in Sweden has taken it's toll, but that's working out alright. After all I've been drinking bubbles on two occasions due to those events.
-The reorg is a reoccurring event that I should be used to, but then again this time around the whole UK office is shaking a bit.

However, I think the fact that I have not got as much out of the job as I thought when I started is the key crux. If this is the key crux that would explain why I do not feel supercharged in the mornings, and it also gives me some ideas to what I need to do.

To be a winner, you have got to care [George Best]

Sunday, July 02, 2006


What a referee, what a player, what a night and what a scandal. I hope the this ref has done his last championship ever, cause he robbed it of it's best talent. After swallowing the last of the beer we left the Oxford pub for Head of the River, which was perfect. "It's like a fucking postcard Grace", with the river, sun, punters, and food and drinks. Later still I went to Tom's mellow unemployment party for a bit and caught up with some of his nice mellow friends before retiring home.

Today's been great with the Carnival. Music, food and sun along with some company. Just an awesome vibe in the whole place. Loved the Skylarking Soundsystem and the drumsessions elsewhere along with the fantastic blue rider eating children and scaring them in the process... Pity I am so sensible and did not sedate the old brainhump, but the again it's kind of nice too... Dr Cold and Coff have recently taking on an intern, Dr Snot, but hopefully I will clean house like Arnold did in Sacramento, and rid myself of the quacks.

Big village life

Saturday, July 01, 2006


Give your opinion if this review was helpful for you:

Gappy Tooth 4th Year Anniversary Night, May 2006

Life is a box of chocolates my mama always used to say. No not really, but on this evening the promoters, Richard and Rob, give us so much it’s almost hard to chew. First up is comical genius Rachel Pantechnican.

To give you a true account of the events is unfortunately not possible, ‘cause I was laughing my head off. However, it was not only laughs, it was also educational. Did you know that the missing six metres of the Bayeux tapestry, tells the story about how cats invaded the castle and that Willem the Conqueror did not actually get a crown, instead the archbishop put a cat on his head? No? I suppose you have never read the story about “Cheese grater leg-iron lion” either. Next time Rachel performs, go watch! This is a “one man comical adventure”.

As Rachel hands over to Harlette, we are all drying our tears. Their music is sometimes described as gothic grunge rock. I think that there is more power in the way the drums and bass motor around, than grunge normally provides. So if I was you, I would picture some supercharged grunge with a dash of prima Donna, I think you got it just about right. Always entertaining and they do give us a good gig. However, after observing these girls a couple of times, I know that they have considerably more umpf, than they give tonight.

Last band of the evening is Mary’s Garden. They’ve been around for some months in this constellation. Their set feels a bit like two sets in one. In one they build up elaborate sound environments, like dark movie music. The vocals make you think of the Cure, but not, if you know what I mean. These environments are a bit scary when you wander off into them. Then there is a part of the gig that feels like a singer song writer gig. I prefer the dark environments.

Thanks for the chocolates, the laughs and the music.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

More and more and...

what do you do when you don't really know what to do, but your natural instincts says you want more? More of everything or more on what matters? Well, if I knew what mattered the most I would not be struggling, would I?

...back to square one. It cannot be outruled that there might be a personal efficiency issue here.


Tuesday, June 27, 2006


This is the rugged coast of the Shetland Island, which you do not want to come too close too on a bad day.

This is Scull Island covered in mist, the locals call it Fair Island and it sits just between the Shetlands and Orkney. Some minutes later I spotted my first whale, unfortuntely I was fresh out of harpoons.

This little left I found just outside the place where the stoneage people just to live on Orkney. During the stoneage they lived large here on organisc lobsters, non-spray crops, seals, wales and fish along with deer, moose and all sorts of nuts.

This is one of few photos of Loch Ness and Nessie. Don't be alarmed though, he's alright as long as you feed him.

This little pic shows the beautiful views of the English country side that the Romans got when they checked out their emperors wall. Handrian's wall was special.

Anys, I took a ton of photographs, but I will only bore the people I know with those. So you are safe. For now.

Why do I just keep going...

Well I don't know. It's my personal style I guess. However, lately it seems like everyone around me is ganging up on me telling me that I just talk too much or write too much.

I know that you are not evil so I listen to you, but inside I feel like Jesus when Judas kissed him. Jesus loved having the apostles around and interact with them, but ended up being cruzified, as you might recall from Sunday school.

Then again you are not better, you non commenting bystander, you Pontius Pilatus, you wash your hands, but your very silence is turning your water into my blood.

Why can't we all just get along and do great things together? Like they did during the stoneage, when they had perfect waves, lobsters and all sorts of organic goodies to eat.


Sunday, June 25, 2006

Dr Coff

has moved in again and started to make my life unfun. I thought I had kicked him when I was away, but no, he's been around all the time. On Tuesday he made his presence known once again and it's been downhill since then. Eyes running, nose running are the tell-tale signs and the coughing his calling card.

Work sucked last week since things are pretty bad at the moment. Things will turnout all right, but I'd love to cross that bridge asap. But on a more positive note the weekend was great all things considered. Apart from the doctor my parents were here, and here's what we did:
-Midsummer dinner. Good wines and good food rounding it off with strawberries, whiskey and coffee.
-London musical. Went in and saw Sweden loose against Germany and then on with some sushi, espresso rounding it off with Phantom of the opera.
-Oxford laziness. Long walk and Sunday roast at the Trout Inn.

Now they've gone away to go back to Sweden and it's a bit empty. On the other hand, it's kind of nice to have the lair to myself again. Now I just need to sort out all the stuff that I have not been doing for the last two weeks. It's a lot.

Number 2

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


you were so popular and tonight Henke Larsson managed to secure one point. But this was not as good news as the fact that Sweden played good football!

We got our first club night going with our Swiss Concrete Promotion. The venue is booked and so are the bands. It all will go down in August at the Port Mahon in Oxford, England. It's not the greatest of venues, but keep a look out, this is not the beginning of the end, nor the end of the beginning, but the beginning of the end of the end of the beginning.

Incha Allah!

Monday, June 19, 2006


was a good trip. Whales, puffins, seals, crayfish and oysters as well as beautiful views of islands, ocean, coast and interesting remains of cultures long ago. Now I am back and nicely nestled behind my office desk. I need change and more champagne!


Saturday, June 10, 2006

lucky no 7

so it's been a good week although blogger has been working a bit so so. France was lovely with fantastic food. Seafood dinner with shellfish platter as a starter and then tuna tartar followed up by a magnificent four course lunch the day after. Vive la France! Of course we did some work in between and the flights were on time.

After working away like a worker this week with late evenings at the office or en route, yesterdays barbeque was a good warm up for today. At seven I went out in the University parks with Matt and Miri to celebrate with some Vuelve Clicquot, played with the devil stick and football. It looks like a managed to get an offer I will not be able to refuse. Cash in hand has always grabbed my attention.

Now I will be off to Scotland for a week to check out the distilleries, scenery and feline talent. Apart from catching up with mum and dad who are already up there, but that goes without saying, eh?

Cowboy from hell

Sunday, June 04, 2006


was nice and included buying cds like:

  • Kiss-God gave rock n roll to you - I listened to this one heaps when I graduated high school and was king of the world. My youngest cousin graduated on the Friday.
  • Give 'em the boot V - current hellcat records collection, i suppose it's for punx.
  • Monster magnet, Power trip - I listend to Kris' one a lot and it contains the immortal lyrics, "I'm never gonna work another day".
  • Pulp-Different class - This one was played on my player in Gothenburg by Therese, who I was currently dating. I had tickets for their concert at Rondo 1996, but those were bought for T and her friend. In 1998 Willie took me on free tix to their gig at the Enmore in Sydney. Jarvis, you're one of my idols, and this one is a happy album.

Then I went to Rich's place and listen to some demos for the July date. This time we're gonna change the Denture a bit and interview the artists before the night. Should be fun. As I stumbled homewards I gave Ann Helen a call, and swung by her place for a barbeque. It was good to catch up a bit again. Then I went straight to the Zodiac and Bic Runga, which was all right, but I can't help but think that I should have gone with Rich to see the Walk Off.

Glas is half full,



Made a list of the stuff I wanted to get done today. It worked. I got the stuff done. Go me!
  • Change sheets
  • Launder
  • Wash up
  • Clean
  • Cook
  • Run
  • Shower and shave
  • Give Chris cd
  • Write article for work
I work in France for two days this week and then to Scotland on Saturday morning. Vaction here I come!

First of all I would like to say, sorry

, sorry for not calling you. I have not got your number any more. I know what you are thinking now, why and how did I loose it. Did I simply erase your number in one of those fits of anger* I suffer from or was it a deliberate process involving Freudian brain activity? I am happy to say that it is neither. I lost my phone snowboarding in Switzerland, and it obviously contained all the numbers that I want to keep close at all times. The search and rescue operation that followed, immediately after the loss was discovered, I have to confess, was as unsuccessful as un-attempted. However, had it been attempted and successful, the Saint Bernards would have been princely awarded. My gratitude would have known no bounds. I might have bought a marrowbone.

I love you

*Inserted for comical effect.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Evil Dr Cold

continues to visit, even after the evil Dr Coff has left my throat. Along with all of the other crap at work and with the car this week, I am starting to loose my cool. I would say I've lost it actually. Ma ha ha ha haa!

Anys weather is great, and tomorrow I am off to Bic Runga at the Zodiac. It'll be good to catch up with Matt, Miri, Chris and Beth as well. I am just going to sit this night out first, gotta sleep.

Thanks, now piss off!

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Alright, Santa!

So Russolladew picked up in the end, thus concluds my evening. Review finishito!

Thankolladew Russolladew

Hey Spencer!

It's another bad day! None of the irregulars are picking up the phone to answer my question. I need to know the names of the first and third act from last Firday's gig, or I cannot conclude my review. Memory is short and some times shorter. I should have done this last weekend, but damn it, I did not. Ark!

Apart from that I almost made the Christ Church Circuit below 8 min. I came in on 08:00:86. I shall soon be crossing this mental border. Now I have just finished making and eating a green curry with prawns and vegetables.

Sunshine! Moonshine!
All I ever wanted was everything!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

burn babie, burn!

went to watch city lights just burn at the zodiac tonight. it was all good, especially the last song which was amazing, even though i do not generally approve of post rocky instrumental songs.

nothing exciting happened at work today, apart from going to lunch with surbjit. yesterday i went to the cotswolds with grace, and had cream tea in minster lovell. and one time antoine dropped a plectrum. that's dangerous!

i just had a thought flashing through my head. what is em doing right now? we have not spoken in 3.5 years. i wonder if she has kids now, she sort of wanted them before. i have no kids and must now sleep.

brain is insane but i love it!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Beers, Essex, Wine, Summertown

met up with phil and cissi yesterday in essex. checked out the local fauna and beer. saw an aga stow. it is this kind of stow that is always on and uses 10 liters of oil per day. was good to catch up with cissi again. she's been writing and things, but now i just hope they get their shit together and marry.

after i left them today i drove to the north sea and then back to oxford. met up with goodness and for wine in summertown and then her place for more wine. we had a good time although a bit too much work for my liking and i think she would agree.


Thursday, May 25, 2006

chop, chop!

potato and leek soup. evening run. sunshine. tired. car repairs. door pass. work. phone calls. meetings. cooked breakfast. car share. slept in.

it's a long way to tripperary. gotta sleep.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

dead man's chest

johnny depp is back from the trip to ompa loompa land. apparently he ows some one a soul... at least he has a soul that some one wants.

more than 50% of all humans makes others unhappy rather than happy. do you have a soul? if so, what does it thrive on?

you reap what you sow.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Nada surf

completely blown out and winds staying strong. So I am not going west now.

Incha Allah

Another bric

in the wall on drugs... I went to the movies with Grace yesterday and Bric was weird but not in a good way I thought. Too pretentious. We ended up having a really good night though and stayed at the Jericho until it closed. Afterwards I went back to Mattias and lost some dart games as well as had some wine.

This morning I had a long chat with Matt in Newquay and he said it had dropped down and was completely blown out. Well, I'll call Mitch later and see what's the word then. Incha Allah.

Anys, yesterday I cleaned the flat and did most of the dishes so now things look almost good in the flat. It's good to chill out for a change. Next weekend is long weekend and still do not know what I'm gonna do, maybe I need to device a ten day plan?

Monkey see, monkey do

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Sweet swell...

might be coming around the weekend. Mitch tought it would be a clean wave around on Sunday, but who knows. Anys, I'll be packing the car and heading west on Saturday I think. Chill if it's blown out and up for a morning session on Sunday.

Apart from this, the trip to Shetland, Orkney and Scotland is getting closer. Then I'll head home for "Where the action is"-tour and most likely I'll check it out in Strömstad. Maybe relive some Grebbestad magic and shrimps. I hope that little red riding pants will be there..

Just play

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


and the great big sorrows of your life. So we got Lehman sent off, well not like this. So Sol showed the Catalans what we're about.

Unfortunately we did not go all the way, and their goals were great. And it hurts, like when your girlfriend rips your heart apart because she's decided that you're friends.

Step aside

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Tired, Happy, Home

My lungs are still entertaining the same old housepest, the evil Dr Coff, as they have the last ten days. I just wish that some superhero from Sky High will come and bust his balls, cause I am sick of deep throating this guy. Anys the weekend in Helsinki was great. Great wedding, great boatride, great food, great company...

Forward Russia! KvH

Friday, May 12, 2006


had to postpone my flight today, since we are reducing the headcount with 40%. yeah, that's right smartanoid, it's just another word for saying that almost half your mates will be gone, unless we are shifting you. nevertheless, going to helsinki to attend simon's wedding tomorrow. i believe it will be most excellent.

finland here comes

Thursday, May 11, 2006

wank wank wank

Funny thing happened as I drove home today. I pulled out in front of this car, in order to overtake a lorry, and the guy flashed his lights and made a gesture. So a raised my left arm in a gesture saying, what the do you want me to do. Anys, as he pulls up next to me to overtake he slows down and stares, I look back and stick two fingers up (to indicate that he should use his eyes). The guy goes ballistic and wants me to stop so we can have a fight. Fat chance, so I just shake my head and laugh, waving my hand in a "come off it" gesture. Still highly aggitato, and probably desparate to show off who-the-man, he slows down and gets up along side me again and beckons me to pull over for a tussle. I just shake my head and laugh at again. Mad as hell he drives on, whereas I just wonder what went wrong with the divine creation. I guess it just turned into a comedy...


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Empire struck back

and with full force. As I went to bed yesterday I coughed for about two-three hours straight, then continued to cough every quarter for the rest of the night... Scientist vindicated.

Eating fruits (with support from medical science).

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Blow me!

after dragging around my cold for days I went for a run against the medical worlds well meaning advice. And what happened, lo and behold, I felt better and happier. [Scientists: Baffled] After finishing the potato and leek soup from yesterday (That's right Anita, I did it. Thanks mum.), I went to grab a pizza at Café Uno for dinner. I did not wait for it but took a walk up on Broad Street and just enjoyed being here. It was beautiful!

Also remember Richard and Alistar: "Don't chop your vegetables on the same choppingboard as you chop your chicken on". Coda x6


Sunday, May 07, 2006


So you think you've been to a wedding? Well, not like this!

Got a ride from Anita and Rich along with Alistar to the Doghouse where the reception was due to happen. Whilst I was photographing the pack of relatives the party happend to be sprayed by a passing car. I being totally oblivious to the fact just went on; "One more, please".

Then we all went in for a few rounds of beer and small talk. The dinner was a smorgåsbord of dishes from salmon to cottage pie, desserts and the coffe and cake. The best part of the evening was when the band, Trademark, played and Russ and Helen were dancing around in marital bliss. I really like her hair and radiant happiness, and Russ was improvising on the dancefloor. Happy days!

My own voice reminded me of the time I graduated from High School and could not speak for a few days. Damn that Thusday night dinner and short sleeved shirts combined with indian summers. Today I got up after 1200 and will probably not leave the flat, but most distressing: no exercise, which makes me a sad boy. Was so looking forward to some climbing...

Now all I need to figure out is what I am gonna do with my life. Matt posed this question to me about a year ago and I told him that he did not need to come by if he was going to push for this. Maybe I am coming around, but then again, maybe I am not. Some people tend to think that you need a five and ten year plan, like the Soviet Union. As much as I repect those people I am not sure that life works that way. But until I die I guess I will never know. Anys, when it comes to work I am less sure that you need it, but as a general master plan for what you want out of life sure, I can see some ideas forming in my head.


Wednesday, May 03, 2006


the Brainiac and I took his carriage and went to London's Underworld to observe Raistus Fistus in true technicolour yesterday. It was pretty much like releasing six times the energy released in the Hiroshima bomb. And to conclude that metaphore they finished with Killing it (i.e. the world). We chatted with Marco, guitarrist, and Robban, sales rodie, and took in the Underworld, which is a pretty cool place although not as cool as Koko up the road, see November entry from the Turbonegro gig.

Fell asleep at the desk after lunch today, to the amusement of my coworkers. Ma ha ha! I gotta get to bed early tonight. Tomorrow dinner with work in Oxford. It should be good since I know these guys from before. Apart from that we are down seizing at work, so the next few weeks/months will be interesting.

Put some Sounds of the republic on the player and flew through Christchurch park tonight. Awesome.

Fuck the world!

Monday, May 01, 2006

You don't go, you don't know...

However, the last couple of weeks have been awesome, but know I don't really know where to go. Spent the weekend giggoing on the Friday, drinking at pubs on Saturday, dinner and a drink yesterday as well as getting up at 0430 am this morning to watch the May day celebration in a rainy Oxford. Me thinks it was overrated, but maybe that's because when it's freezing and wet you just long for your bed...

The question now is what to do next, since my Newquay friend Matt confirmed that it has been pretty flat the last couple of months including this weekend. Nada surf sucks. Chatted with Anita yesterday and she's living it up in Melbourne and might extend her stay, but also confirmed my notion that Oz is a bit of an appendix when it comes to career opportunities. On the other hand, I've never wanted a career, so why do I even think in those terms. Then the taxidriver in Barcelona said that I would be able to get fluent in Spainsh over a few months, and that would be so cool. Another language, another bunch of friends. So maybe I'll pick up a redundancy offer and retreat back to Latin America and get going with Spanish and surf...

In the meantime though I have to get through the every day routine for a while and I don't wanna. I just wanna go, cause I just wanna know. But on the other hand I might be too convenient, senisible or plainly realistic, however, if this is the case I will never know though. And if I'm gonna go, I need to know where to go, so it looks like it's gonna take me some time to figure things and other things out.

News of the day is the 2006 Where the action is-tour in Sweden. The line up looks pretty solid with Hellacopters, Backyard Babies, Millencolin and Soundtrack of our lives/Hives + one surprise act. Looks like I'll go back to Sweden late July or early August...

I want more fun and less not fun.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Nou Camp


checked out the semifinal in the champions league tonight and with that some of the legendary players in Braca and Milan. The coolest thing was when the crowd just burst into joy when Henke Larsson was put on the pitch in the second half. Pretty soon he had a header and the only personal chant of the evening was a fact, Larsson Larsson Larsson...


Sunday, April 23, 2006

Forecast: Sun

Tomorrow I will go to Barcelona and enjoy a conference and some nice tapas. Should be cool fun! It will beat a rainy England, no matter how beautiful the weather was yesterday. Had a pub lunch, chatted with a stranger, Pishta, in the sunny Christ Church park, and had some beers and pizza at Matt's place. Hallucinated a bit as I left Matt and Miri since I was so tired, which was a pretty interesting experience..

Hang Loose, Lono's home!

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Came back to Oxford about five hours ago and I am still buzzing. Morocco delivered and more. It was small (waist to head high) but we squeezed some really nice clean waves. Ahhh! Tomas was Mr Style Master on his Malibu and Kris surfed green water on his fourth day on a board. Like Imad said, as I cought up with him on the last day; "He's a natural, and don't forget you got some of that blood too Karl". Personally, I've never had more fun on a board or surfed better.

Yesterday afternoon I was supposed to leave the flat at 5pm, but I was still in the water at Devil's rock. Just one last wave... Came back to the flat packed, paid the last night with a case of beer, left a six and delayed the car return to 7pm. The I had a cold one with Jacob at his place before he drove me to the airport. I still have not showered off the salt.

I was pretty pleased as I picked up the board at the belt and a guy came up and asked if I'd been in Imsouane. Sure, I'd been there with the boys two times and by my lonesome that morning. And he goes; "Yeah I recognize you, you were on a minimal. You were doing pretty well at the point".

To sum my feelings up:I am super happy about my life, my surfing and the trip. It was a long time since I just felt so relaxed and warm about all things.

Incha Allah

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Got the bug!

I feel like a kid again. Bought my fourth surfboard yesterday, Ocean Magic 7'2" minimal, and can't wait to go. Tomorrow this time, I might have carved up some Moroccan waves, unless of course, I have to wait another day. Hi hi hi

At the moment I just need to get a presentation done for tomorrow, and then, I will blow the office for today...

Life is short, surf hard!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Morning session at the wall

I applied brainpower to climbing today, something that Brainiac has kept ranting about forever and ever, ever. So I changed the gameplan, managed to heelhook and reached out. In your face you pink problem.

Green used to be my favourite colour when I was little, I remeber this cause I painted a green ballon in class. Last week the green problem was tounting me from above, so now I turned my attention to it. The double, switft, hand movement on the overhang was the thing to nail. Brainiac went; "You gotta take it like bam bam". Almost thought he stopped using his weapon of choice, the shinking ray, and turned into a terroristus vulgaris, for a while. Anyway, cool as a cucumber I did it, thrusted my pelvis in agaist the wall, the ass followed, reached up and; bam bam!


Friday, April 07, 2006

Fuck fuck fuck!

The devil did not only steal the beat from the lord tonight, but he also got Jesus to slap Eva around. There were some laughs, fewer good songs and little dance so it was far from the best musical ever, but still pretty good for a Friday night. However, the expectations on the old Phantom of the opera in June will be higher than they were on Jerry Springer tonight. The libanese restaurant was good, although the poor waitress struggled a little with us I think. All in all, a good night out!


Thursday, April 06, 2006


..makes Karl a sad boy. Not that I am sad, I just want more before the deathtime. At the moment I've been couped up in my den for two solid days trying to kick the cold by keeping warm. So far it seems to be working. Tomorrow, I plan to be back in full production at the factory, by the grindstone, in salt mines or at office among the suited clones, in order to do my utmost for customers, shareholders and coworkers.

But being couped up has one advantage and that is that you can read some books. I've been reading a few by Kinky Friedman, and they bring out a loud laugh or two. "I picked up a blue bic lighter that had been with the family for 12 hours and carefully lit..". Another one, come to think of advantages, is that you can philosophise and ponder life in general. Nothing major has happend in my low life, pardon the pun, since Anita left for Oz about six months ago. We parted as the best of friends with both of us pretty much wanting more, but the puppet master simply followed the script of another boring tragedy. For a change I did not wail like a cat at midnight, though. That's always something, I guess, the questions is only of what.

Anyway, I think that I need another challenge in my life, and I am going to pick one and it's most likely will involve a move. Therefore I gotta maximise the rest of my time left on this island. After Morocco (just a week left till I go surfin') I will go to Finland in May for a wedding, then Scotland in June for at least a week. Also, I want to get cracking with the promotion business. It'll be super cool if we can put some live acts on within a few months here in Oxfordia. Then of course I'll do some more reviews, eh. Stu sent me the list the other day, but it's damn difficult this month due to all the travelling. Especially if I go to Barcelona on the 25th to 29th of April (anyone there around this time, since I'll be by my lonesome?). Anys, tomorrow I'll go to the Jerry Springer musical, with some good folks from work. It's supposed to be cool fun, but then again, so was the yoyo.

Bad Mongo aka Sailorman aka KvH

Gonza, Zlatan looked as pretty as ever when biting the grass and loitering about on the pitch. Never outgunned, We are Arsenal! Dreams are made of this. Let's see if there are tix availble for I am ready to part with that precious metal often referred to as , yeah that's right Shylock, GOLD.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I got 99 promblems..

I found myself surrounded by them tonight at the wall. Pink, green and the rest of the rainbow, they just keept coming in all sorts of colours. Nailed the green one but the rest just kept alluding my charms. At least a girl is not one!


Tuesday, March 28, 2006


In your face Juventus. The good guys do win. Arsenal we salute you!

Monday, March 27, 2006


and finally we got to wind time forward... Grabbed this of Elisabeth's page, because I had nothing better to do.

Last impulse purchase: Pair of orange Campers
Best walk: Before riding down
Favorite drink: Mojito
Eat luxury dinner at: Gondolen, Stockholm
Favorite street: Through Heldenplatz onto Stephansplatz, Vienna
Best pre-partymusic: Turbonegro, Refused or (I)NC
Best give awaypresent: A nice bottle of wine
Favorite luxury stuff: Sportsgear
Favorite sounds: Birdsong, Stare
Latest discovery in Stockholm: I miss it
Favorite gallery: Don't really go to galleries
Favorite site:
Favorite magazine: The Economist
Place to take mum to dinner: Olde pub in the Cotswolds
Favorite suburb: Manly, Australia
Best place for coffee: Cafeteria in Spain
Favorite store: Hugo, Stockholm
Best lunch: At home
Favorite brand: Tiger, Volcom
Favorit animal: Elephant
The worlds best living director: Cameron
Famous person I'd like to meet: Hank von Helvete
Favorite shoes: Campers
Money spent on clothes each month: Depends..
Fahion roll model: None
Most overrated store: Nike
Most expensive thing I've bought: Car
Fashion I don't ever want to see again: Waffled hair
Favorite product at Systembolaget: Krusevic
Best Hang over food: Mackers
Favorite bar: Viva Madrid, Madrid
Latest find: Ortovox backpack with backprotection
Best novel: Murder out of tune by Simon Shaw
Best poetry collection: Don't read it

Sunday, March 26, 2006


is further advanced in Spain than in Brittain. No surprise there. The Thiessen Museum was really nice some excellent paintings of Renoir, Monet, Shiele and Toby.

I still would like to be on a board tough, but I'll guess I just have to satisfy myself with prancing around in my new Campers for now.


Saturday, March 25, 2006

yeah yeah yeah!

gimme me some more. Madrid is the party capital of the world, and it's great to be here. After tapas (plaza santiago), some mojitos (viva madrid), some more drinks (el sol) a couple of more more places and discos later and I am back a the hotel. Now I just wait for the modern art museum to open..

never stop

ps thanks to nacho, fran, carmen, anna, andrés.. los qiero

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Reissend Nollen Glacier

Last day and some more hiking. This is on the way to the first ride of the day, which we kept tight on the right side of the glacier. Smooth powder, since it being protected from the sun...

But before that we relaxed up on the top. I had an apfelstrudel and some water whilst enjoying the views across both valleys and taking in some sun. Below the glacier this ride interconnected with the "ride of my life run" although we kept to the right of that picture.

All in all, I have to say that Engelberg delivered and then some. Not only did I have the ride of my life, I had the powderday of my life and the winter holiday of my life. The flat, Bierlialp was great and as always the partners in crime worked well too.


The ride of my life

Solid snow, solid board, solid guides, solid Gods! It all came together for me during this ride and magic was created. Big, fast and peaceful! We kept to the left half of the photo.

Thanks, Susanna for talking me down through the gnarly passages. Fredrik has got a good girl in you, but then again he seems to deserve it!



is an old Swiss word for avalanch. Or so I am told anyway. We took it on the day after the big dump and enjoyed a 1000 hight metres of powder from top to bottom. This is taken during our noon schnitzel session.

KvH (Engelberg, Switzerland)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Just wanna dance and sing my song!

Came back for Cave In's gig at the Zodiac tonight and it was pretty groovy. Pearl Jam meets Nine and add lashings of fun and personality. The Professor feels it's more U2 meets, but hey that's just his opinion, man... Here's a banter example:

Singer goes "I like to drink and smoke whilst on tour".
Chick up front goes "I like to smoke too".
Singer goes "Ah.. um.. ..that makes us.. ..similar"
Guitarrist goes "So Steve, where's this relationship going?"
Bass goes "I can feel you want to play a song now Steve"

The Brainiac was pretty stoked as he finally got to meet the guys in the band he's been listning to for like a really long time. He said he felt like I would feel if I had hung out with Turbonegro. He must have felt pretty good to say that. Nevertheless he's wrong, nothing would ever come close to the feeling:

Karl goes "So Hank, how much do you want for your body"
Hank goes "My body, you can't handle my body"
Karl goes "How 'bout a cool zillion?"

He he.. KvH

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Christ Church Park, 0800 am 4th of March 2006

It's a pretty place. If you could only have heard the birds and seen the frost bitten flowers.


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ahhh, uuum!

feels like I am walking in quicksand. Everything has felt really slow this week and it is not fun. From ironing the shirt, cooking dinner, washing up, shaving to drinking a glass of water. It's a strange feeling and these are strange days. I feel just so estranged.

What can I do but to try to go on, and look forward to snowboarding in Switzerland. It's only a week and a half away.

Go Me!


Sunday, February 19, 2006

Politics, bollocktics

I've been getting a lot of comments about the blog turning into a political statement. I suppose it is those constant stories about double standards, lining your own pocket and fine dining, that does it, eh? Apparently you immediately to think of Tory Blair and the rest of the bratpack governing this little island when you read something relating to sleeze or loss.

So let me set this straight. What you read here is not straight politics, in the normal crooked, twisted and bent kind of way that you MP serves you. What, what you read here, is, are my random reflections on things that I reflect upon.

Karl von Helvete

-Support my re-election by donating £10 to Natwest account 123.123.123. Remember every little helps, so feel free to take out a loan, in order to line my account.
-You're out of money, but are a female with a lucious body? Get in touch! We will try to arrange innovative positions for you to support my erection.
-You're out of money, but are a male with a body? Sell it! The spot price of kidneys recorded a record high last week as hedonism becomes the dominant faith in white west.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

The price of freedom... always too low when you're selling out!

Nestlé has taken out ads in the Middle East boasting that their products do not have Danish origin, i.e. supporting the boycott of Danish products caused by the fact that Danish papers are free to write what they want.

I say fair enough, if they had cut the subscription to Jyllands Posten (the Danish paper), but to support a hate campaign against a country that promotes freedom of speech is immoral in my mind. Regardless how much cash they stand to gain, selling out this freedom will always be cheap. Thanks, but no thanks, Nestlé, I won't support you when you push for your CEO to edit the Swiss press to protect your revenues.


Same goes for French retailer Carrefour. Freedom, equality and brotherhood, unless of course, there's a revenue opportunity that calls us to give up the principles of the revolution! Well revenue this: I will never shop with you again, because I happen to believe in freedom, equality and brotherhood!

Just constantly improving..

...on a lowlife achievement. Thought I post another report from the gutter. This picture is from the Tuesday, and as you can see I was in a contemplative mode. Incidentwise, I saw the nurse again and booked another dentist appointment for next week along with filing with the insurance company yesterday.

Had a slow evening due to the fact that I do not want to risk the healing process. I went through and repositioned my pensions savings. He he! And then I watched the bestest TV mini-series ever, Pride and Prejudice 'till two in the morning. Ah!

Well, over and out for now and remember buying Nestlé products is supporting government censorship. So go on support Dicatorship but don't expect me to take a fall in the gutter for you, but then again you can also not buy their products!


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

You should have seen the gutter! was totally unimpressed. And so was I when I saw this face staring back at me at the ER in Oxford. You can't really see it on this picture but I knocked a half off my right upper front tooth, and that gutted me more than anything. After refusing painkillers and throwing the cup on the ground, banging the wall 'til the police came and mixing it all with sitting down whilst crying like a baby I think I was all mature about it. As always, I shook everybody's hands when I left saying thanks.

The wounds are all healing nicely and I am working again. Mr Fat Lips has also manged to recover the tooth from the gutter and a dentist glued it back on, where it hopefully will stay. All in all, I am alive and well and soon the lip will resume regular size.

I got one piece of advice and that is don't eat concrete. You see, it was not there during the stone age, so we are just not used to it... ...or maybe it's an aquired taste....

Thanks Matt and Miri for vital support and handholding. Thanks Anita for pointing out the irony of me being a regular at the Gappy Tooth. Thanks Tamas and Annika for important dental and medical advice.Thanks dead grand dad for your cameo in my dream the other night, made me realise how much I needed to talk to my family. Thanks mum for pointing out that I should always have accident cover, I so am claiming. Thanks English NHS, Eduardo, John, nurses, call centre personell, doctor and ambulance team, maybe you do good work for the taxpayers after all, touch wood. Thanks Elisabet for your Valentine's day sms. Thanks for workmates' and Santa's emails.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Flying high

a couple of weeks ago I saw this kid playing and jumping around with a kite on Port Meadow. Today I've been browsing the web to find a kite and they look set to cost around £60-100 for an entry level one. I am going to do some more research and then I am buying the sucker...

Yesterday was spent drinking champagne and other bubbles with the NZ crew. It was good fun and I cannot recall the last time I had such an enjoyable evening whilst being intoxicated. Come to think of it, I can't even recall last evening.

I picked up tix for the Truck festival in July. Mattolladew and I will also get tix for the Reading festival this year which should be good fun. In May Raised Fist are playing in London and this week Agent Blue are playing at the Zodiac.

Tune in and take off!


Saturday, February 04, 2006

I wanna make you feel...

the way I feel when I am with you. It's as simple as that.

Went to an arabic bar tonight and smoked the gigantic bong with Mattias and his new Jordanian flatmate. It felt pretty weird to inhale smoke without choking on it, but good. Also made a mental note that the chicks in there are hot, which was an unexpected bonus.

Thanks to every one involved in this planet.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

So you think you've read it all

Well, not like this!

the superfoe of the universe, Brainiac, is down with a flu he got from his bird. I just hope he did not fondle her too hard like Lennie did with those mice, but basically he must have becaused you only get bird flu that way.

Feeling slightly worse for wear after a two day conference presenting a lot of work stuff. It went well, but a lot of work went in to the preparation and execution. Ah! Now I am hanging for the weekend, and some r'n'r with Mattolladew, Miri and Claire. On Saturday we're going to a new Spanish restaurant in Oxford. One guy I am carsharing with, a spaniard, has said it's good, so it ought to be, eh?

Today, I received the second wedding invitation in the same week. And it's cool and stuff, cause I am going to Helsinki, which is a really nice corner of the world in May. Nevertheless, sometimes I just feel that it would be great to go to a wedding with a partner. So far it has never happened. But hey, that just my opinion on how to improve from perfect, man. In much the same way that my Oz vision goes into that category. Today Sara left for Oz, and that made me think even more on it again. Some how, I gotta get it in or out of my system...

Sometimes I dont know, where to go!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Cause we were giggin'

Had a ball yesterday! I was hanging to get out of the office and get to the Cellar Bar, aka the Fight Bar. Sunnyvale, Suitable Case For Treatment and Damo Suzuki played, when we eventually got there after dinner, beers and music at mi Casa. SCFT was like a cross between woodoo (a' la New Orleans), Deathmetal and an insane asylum. It was just great to be back and actually go to a gig, it's been at lease three weeks since last.

After going through some soulsearching I now feel I am back in the world were I like to be. It is all coming together nicely now with life, work, holidays and stuff.

Rrrrrrraaaaoo Karl

PS Meet some of the local tycoons in the shape of Richard, Stuart and Nick.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Stage fright

..the rascals are all asleep and I've been watching TV. The parents should be out and about for another hour or so.

After being awaked by a tape recorder early this morning it all started. When I went to take a leak the oldest asked if he could join. There was no way I could pee with him clutching my leg so I had to ask him to stand back a couple of times. Afterwards he told the parents that I had taken a leak standing (apparently not allowed). Later as we had lunch at a food court in town we had to enter the loo for an emergency piss-call. He sort of jumped back when he saw the piss under the toilet, but as I lifted him up it was alright.

The youngest really seem to like music and had a good look at the poistiv-player and a street muscian, and did not seem to mind parting from the coins I stuck in his little hand. And yes the bags went down very well indeed.


Thursday, January 19, 2006

MBTI and Germany

I've been on a pretty cool training/course the last few days about Myers Briggs Type Indicators. I was totally amazed the way just 8 points could say so much about me. It was like reading a horoscope but accurate. Most of my strengths as well as problems where in there. Fantastic. You have a chance, do it! Also I've started applying it on people around me as well and it works too, even though I am still taking baby steps.

Now I am chilling in Dusseldorf, after a long delayed flight. However, I am pretty happy that I bought the rascals tiny luggage bags with marshmallows. It will be most cool to see what they will do with them as they get them. I am debating to give them the bags when I come or on the Saturday when I will babysit (alone, with a 2 and 3.5 year old, is scary).

Next week Damo Suzuki and then Agent Blue in February are in the cards. Good gigs coming up, that is. Looks like Santa is releasing my All You Miss interview in the Denture's January issue. Go me!

My body is a temple! He he

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Strange days

sometimes life seems so surreal and this weekend has been pretty surreal. Well, most of you do not have a clue to what I am talking about, but relax, 'cause I have come to educate you all. You may call me Professor Karl.

This weekend Annika and Martin were graced with a daughter. Well, you might be going what the hell, persons are born every other day of the week. But this was special. Martin and Annika got married last September and I was supervising the evening proceedings at the Toastmaster in question.

Hold it right there, don't you leapfrog to the conclusion that only this made the weekend special, since the thing runs a wee bit deeper than that. Because in June 2002 Martin and Annika met at a party at my place for the first time. Now I wont have you giving me all credit because the girl that invited Annika along was actually a friend of Martin's, but still I share some of the creds. And some more goes out to Martin who did not fully reject the idea of employing me after he interviewed me for a job in October 1999. Since then we travelled to Fuerteventura, Newquay, Brussels, St Anton, Chamonix, Champoluc and down into Alagna (Martin, Jan 2004: "Well, I did not go all the way here not to board Alagna, I am going" this was said after a discussion about the weather, which made the rest not wanting to go. In the end I joined in and it was lush for 4 hours, until we were in back country on the way back and bad weather struck. Close one.). And now this Martin is a dad! Big ups or as the Brainiac says: Props!

After the weekend's events and looking around the blogs, seeing all these kids with their own blogs, I feel a desire to reproduce as well. Now all I need to do is find the right girl and settle down, hope that my soldiers are not overly lazy and then do the wild thing with the chosen snake charmer. Strange days indeed, or maybe not.


Saturday, January 14, 2006

Jackie Kong

checked out the monkey movie tonight and I gotta say, sometimes crossovers are bad. Jurassic Park meets Jackie Chan in an ape-suit blended with a dash of Indiana Jones along with three drops of Doctor Strangelove generals served extremely slowly by a lame blond hapless chick.

Apart from that I found myself feeling all excited about going to work this morning. Which was great, and who knows what I will do with this realisation. Tomorrow I am going to frame the poster I got from Princess, catch up with Russ and go to Ann Helen's for some drinks.

You tell me lies minger! Karl

Thursday, January 12, 2006

The new deal

New year and ho ho hos everywhere,

some ungrateful people have compained that there are no new posts on the blog, which up until now has been true. However, it is not true any more. New Year's was spent at Miri-Matt's place and then at the Jericho Tavern. We counted in the New year and drank Salmon Billecart on Girl's recommendation (thanks!!). Apart from that I've been pretty lethargic lately and work has felt like it sucks like a blue whale. Today was great though and sort of made up for what the whales have been doing..

So Switzerland is booked for mid March and now I am planning a surf expedition to Marocco in April. Board riding bliss, give it to me like a whale! A few weddings are apparently coming up during the year as Simon ties the knot in Helsinki and Santa in San Francisco. Apart from that I might try to check out the spires of onions in Moscow at some stage, since Tobbe is overthere now.

Stay low on a high note! Karl