Monday, March 26, 2007

Evening Run!

Thank God for daylight savings,

went for a run at seven and got to watch the sun set behind the houses of Oxford like a big orange. Beautiful! Another beautiful thing is that we now have booked the Wheatsheaf for Sounds Like Violence on the 23rd of May 2007. That show is gonna be great!

On a different note, I can now inform you that I am motley fool and about to make some moves at the office. Oh, and my scheme to recruit an armada of writers for the Denture seems to work! Got two contributions about violence and death today! Awesome!

On the merry-go-round!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

In the big league!

Yesterday I agreed with the booking guy for Sounds Like Violence that they should come and play for us here in Oxford. You may not yet know it but SLV is the biggest thing since sliced bread and it's gonna be great!

Wales England

Last Saturday I was on my way to Cardiff. I got invited in the last minute to full hospitality and the last game of the six nations rugby tournament. Millenium stadium!
Singing Welshmen as the beat the pommies agains all odds! Awesome.