Saturday, December 30, 2006

Dee Why

staying with Chris at the moment on the headland south of Dee Why beach. Fantastic views over the ocean and Dee Why. I came here yesterday lunch after doing a little bit of clean up at Juss' and Clinton's place after the wedding. I got some good waves this morning even though it was a bit small on an inconsistent beach break. Happy days.

I have just bought the bus tickets to Woolgoolga and the Greyhound is leving tonight at 2130 or something. I will be arriving at around 6am and hopefully someone will be able to take me to Karl's beach villa at that time. Apparently it's right on a pointbreak so with a bit of luck I will be in paradise...

The wedding on Bronte beach was nice and the reception very nice. The fact that I got up early and got a few waves before rigging ther bar and house was a very nice bonus to the day. It was very cool to catch up with Willie for a laugh and a half late in the night when she had some more time. It was also good to hear her sing again. It's been a while. Sean and Anita seem to do well with their kids and the business even thought it's a bit hectic at the moment. Vicky was an unexpected blast from the past and she looked fantastic a marriage and to kids down the line. I remember looking deep into her eyes at Homebake '98. Her husband Mark seems like a really nice guy.

Only a few more days before I fly out to NZ on the fourth!


Sunday, December 17, 2006

Brothers united

So Krille came over this weekend and we had a fantastic time. Good food and drinks on the Friday as well as catching up.

On the Saturday we went into watch Arsenal Portsmouth at the Emirates stadium and it was pretty nice despite the draw. After some haggling we eventually got tickets just as they blew the whistle. The guy took us in showed us our seats and then we enjoyed a terrible second half of the first half only to be invigourated by the first half of the second half. Here's me in the break with the 60 000+ crowd.

After the game we hung back for the 2.50 beer promotion and walked around the stadium, and it is pretty big and impressive. Finishing off the trip to London with some food at L-square in London and some coofe around Picadilly we came back pretty nackered. However, Mattias' had his 30 party so after a couple of drinks we wandered over there and had a fantastic time. Owls are filthy animals.


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Post Birthday Thanks

Thanks to the Swiss Concrete Crew for celebrating me in style. I got to blow out candles and eat chocolate cake, hear bands saluting me as well as the mighty Brainiac singing happy birthday hard core style.

All in a night's worth at Swiss Concrete and a days preparation by Miri, the lucious bakeress. And yeah, our patrons as well as pubstaff enjoyed the cake and swallowing it in like 30 seconds blank.

Thanks, if I'd know it was like this to be 33 I would be 40 now!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Double Three

Another birthday has almost gone by and it is not the same as when you were little. Cleaned the flat, went for a run, baked an apple pie, had some people over. I got two books, one about English mistakes that Scandinavians make and the Zombie survival guide. On weapons against Zombies the following can be read: "The Machine Gun, Since World War I this invetion has revolutionized human conflict".

Live well,

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I can't get no sleep

cause I am moving a full speed, which is nice for a change. At the mo I am in Basel waiting for yet another delayed BA flight. Once again giving me some time to blog. After a super stressful journey to the airport this morning I arrived and was picked up at the airport and had a nice lunch before the meeting, which went very well.

However, not as nice as the food mum prepared for my weekend back in Sweden. Bubbles, starters, roast lamb and dessert as well as coffee and cake rounding of with half a lobster in the evening. Not a bad Friday reception.

Anys, I have now dropped off all my X-mas presents and I am pretty much good to go to Oz and NZ over X-mas. No more trips planned, but my brother is coming over on the 15th, so we'll try to score tix for Arsenal.

Gotta go!