Thursday, October 27, 2005

Kicking back

and waiting for room service in Germany. I am half way through the week and it's alright! Caught the train to Reading on the Tuesday and sat down with Suzie, Caroline and Olivia and it was superfun and followed by another tight set! This morning was fantastic in Sweden with the sun rising over a wintry Baltic Sea. Tomorrow I am pulling on the suit and make an appearance in Germany, after which I can go catch up with family. Yeah!

On a different note I can inform you that my fingers have almost healed and maybe a Sunday climb will happen. If not, there are always manic Mondays around.


Monday, October 24, 2005


Did some pretty awesome progress climbing the walls tonight. I just went for it and got the move that eluded me last time around. It felt pretty good to look down and hold the rail like a champion. Psyched out and not interested in beating around the bush, I took on another problem and nailed it after a couple of attempts, but of course Miri humbled be before I got it. Then I almost got the pink problem, and I would have conquered that too, but unfortunately I ripped the skin of my fingers just as I was about. Now I could just stand there smiling and feeling amped.

Tomorrow All You Miss in Reading and then I take Denmark, Sweden and Germany, leaving Belgium for Turbonegro after they've won the MTV awards.

Thanks Brainiac!! Karl

Sunday, October 23, 2005

anything, everything

The weekend is a mellow thing this time around, which is working out for me. Instead of suffering from constant hangovers, I've been doing some good thinking along with good cooking. All this thinking and taking back control over my life has made me feel a lot more positive about anything and everything. I guess that big parts of the positive vibe is because:

  • I am getting used to the fact that Princess is not in my life and I just have to deal with it. She's doing great from what I can understand, which is exactly what I wished by the fountain during our away weekend. So if anything, I am thanking God for everything.
  • work is picking up again and this week I am off to Sweden and Germany, which should be good. Especially since I'll try to meet up with family in Dusseldorf.
  • I've discovered that I will most likely be able to socre enough points for an Australian visa.
Last week involved some really interesting climbing. You know like fun, but also scary. Sometimes just have to follow the Professor's intructions and just GO! That's what I did on the last attempt, touching the top-bar only to fall all the way down. I reached my comfort zone's outer limit and eventually crossed it, feeling really great afterwards. Grraaooo!

Strange information supplied to me today from one of the Sainsbury's cashiers: She has seen Lion king several times and loves the score. I went: uhu, it's a great movie... I left the store feeling like I had met a kindered spirit. It's exactly that kind of thing that I love saying to bewildered fellow men.

Anything, everything is good!


Monday, October 17, 2005

Santa Came Through!

Great things do happen to persons from time to time. Russ came through for me this weekend. I am set up to interview this really cool band that I've ben ranting about before: I've never done an interview before so it will go off.

I guess now I just need to make sure that I don't come across like a grouper, because I do not want to be abused backstage. Um, yeah right, whatever!

Mattolladew and I went around to the Jericho Tavern last Thursday and All you miss ripped it apart for us. It was their thightest set ever.

Waiting for the reindeers! Karl

The reindeers just dropped off two tix to Turbonegro's gig at London's the Koko in November. I bet the Professor will be happy about that. Thanks you midnight-sun horses with horns!

Sorry, We’re Fresh out of Fun!

A few nights ago I was at the Big Speakers concert at the Zodiac and they were really good. I mean the first two songs were pretty slow but nice, and then they picked up pace. The song that made the most impression on me was about that saying sorry is meaningless. I liked that a lot and it’s going straight into my toolbox.

After looking around the club after the gigs, without finding a decent girl, I and Mattolladew walked out. On our way home we spot an awfully lonesome cone on the pavement. So like the good Samaritans we are, we place it in the middle of the road, and stand back. A geezer drives up to it, gets out of the car, throws the cone to the side and drives off. We giggle from a safe distance. A little later, as we walk into town, we encounter yet another cone, which we obviously place in the middle of the road, before being on our way. Next thing we know this fun-loving girl is shouting at us, explaining that she has taken the cone to the side. Oh well, thanks honey! I guess that’s why I put it there in the first place. Now, you might be excused for wondering why I even bothered to write this, but the episode with the fun-loving girl made me ponder life in general and the anonymous system in particular.

To lead a fun life is pretty hard nowadays. Sure, we got and abundance of food, drink, health and can expect to outlive our ancestors with great many years. However, why are we not happier? Some people complain, just like the Big Speakers, about a system that does not love them back. Well, I cry for you as well as for Argentina. Nobody deserves to be loved by a system, period. Some people become activists and try working against the system. Go on, be a crusader, but pretty please not on my watch. Nobody gets away with tearing down what others built up, plus it’s just too Bin Laden. Others turn into a herd and go on about working with the system. Forget it! I will not cheer you on as you remove cones from the middle of the road. Nobody remembers conformity and it is not the way to harness your beauty.

A fun life involves sneaking yourself through the system with your soul intact. If you are caught out, which happens to me more often than I like, remember Lincoln: “You are what you are. Be a good one”. Did that come out like a system to beat the system? Sorry, I guess I am fresh out of fun.


As Published in October issue of the Denture

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Walking on broken glass

This afternoon something really wierd happened. I guess it was some sort of panic attack, cause I just could not follow my train of thoughts for longer than 5-20 seconds. The brain was just so restless. I would start thinking on one thing, just to start another thought. I tried to go for a run, but even that was to hard, I just could not focus on it. If I had had some sedatives or tranquilisers I would have used them, but now I just had to sweat it out. It took three to four hours before the brain had navigated itself out of the glass field.

All things considered it was a really good weekend. I met up with some work mates of Matt's at the Hobgoblin for some good laughs, stories (Girl getting stabbed with knives and heroin needles) and pints. On Saturday we went in to London for a party in a super nice pad, which was filled with really mellow people from the southern hemisphere. I had a great time even though it was a round five in the morning until I was back home. We, Matt, Miri and I, even managed to buy a hoodie and get some good sushi in Soho.

No read cars today! Karl

PS Booked the trip to Val d'Isere this week!!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Got Dental Issues?

Steve Larkin Tounsi Harry Angel

It’s that time again, so I rock up at the Zodiac to get my new braces fitted. Big cheese dentist Richard greats me with one of those perfect grins that only professionals have.

Performance poet Steve Larkin educates us in an interesting session covering our love for Melody, sex, fat and professors regurgitating others work in their little compendiums. It’s entertaining and Steve brings down a lot of laughter. One of his lines neatly sums up my previous relationships: Is she the one for me? She is history!

Tounsi’s ginger headed drummer, jamming blues-looking keyboardist, four-eyes of a stand up bass player and dark Arabic lead singer make up an unlikely act with unlikely songs. As Tunsi sings in Arabic with a wailing voice, I know I am in for a treat. There is a nice oriental ambience in their music combined with traditional blues and rock influences. If these guys continue to do their ting well, then there’s a good chance that the world will start believing in itself again. Keep it up and come back!

In their best moments Harry Angel let the drums and bass drive there music, in a similar way that Queens of the Stoneage do in songs like Hangin’ Tree. What they build up, however, is unfortunately all too soon lost for no particular reason. Clearly there is talent in this band, but I would like them to use those rhythms that they now mostly keep to themselves. On the other hand, what the does an immigrant like me know, apart from the welfare system?

The art work on screen during the evening was really nicely combined with some worthwhile quotes. Most interesting contrast was the shot of a sterile parking complex at night combined with Tunsi’s prayer-like voice. It was as if Jesus and Allah tried to tell me to wake up and to keep stuff real. I read on the wall: “daylight was something I only caught a glimpse of”, before I walk out in the dark with my new braces. Maybe I caught a glimpse or maybe I am just a new age hooker.


Review Gappy Tooth Night September

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Let's go to hell

I am currently drifting through life, without knowing where to go. Too many degrees of freedom I say, I do not know where to go to lead a happy life. However, that’s a contradiction it would seem, because, my mind is not set up to be happy. It is consistently trying to improve on the present. It’s in our genes so to speak. As a species, we were never meant to be happy.

All this time, I’ve been chasing an illusion, a non-existent oasis. Funnily enough this does not make me relax. It stresses me out even more than the search did. If can’t be happy where do you go now then, my brain keeps churning over and over like a mad man’s brain.

So maybe I am mad and ought to be sectioned, but I guess I am ever so elusive to the men in white. I am wearing the normality of an abnormal with such a grace that they do not even get what’s moving around in my head. A bit of paranoia, an obsession with happiness, abnormal fear of being lonely plus an inferiority complex, I wonder how much I can charge the NHS for my own diagnosis.

Let's go! Karl

Friday, October 07, 2005

Update on stuff and other things!

A few loose ends to tie up, in todays update. Buckle up, here we go!

-Scandinavian Airlines conducted a noise measurement for the plane I flew with during the past week. Next week they should be sharing their findings. Goliath will soon be on his knees, praying for mercy!
-Princess was not to keen on New Year's, so those plans are off the chart. She cried and stuff and I have not been feeling like a million buckaroonies either.
-Looks like the traditional Val d'Isere trip is going to happen in early December. That will go off, even though the line up is slightly changed this year. A second trip looms in February, but is still not definite. Board-riding bliss, fill my veins God!
-I am contemplating to get the fuck out of England by means of an Australian Visa, but it's such a hassle to come by one. However, I think the dream is not getting closer, gotta chase it!
-The September issue of the Denture contained my "punkrocker story" and the next issue is probably going to contain my review of the Gappy Tooth night as well as the masterpiece "Sorry, we're fresh out of fun!".

Finally I am forced to issue a warning about Peppers Burgers on Walton Street. Today I feel like as if someone had performed sloppy intestinal surgery on me. Last night was like an orgy in spew and faeces. It's just too bad I am not into that shit.

Keep it unreal! Karl

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Dan Marino should die of gonorrhoea

Hate never does any of us any good. Why is it so easy? Love always makes us all beautiful. Why is it so hard? God, I think Satan got the better of you. Maybe you should not have bet your only son whilst high on Genesis?

High on crime

What’s your poison, baby?

Guns ’n’ Roses used to do a little, but then a little got more and more. How do you know that you’re an addict?

This thought occurred in my mind as I was thinking of ways to live next door to Princess, which is draining valuable brain-time. I am still not sure if I am addicted. It could be my work, love of status quo, my restlessness, my love for humans and Princess or a combination of all. However, even if I knew, should I really pursue an addiction?

Alcoholics tend to pursue their favourite past time, i.e. drinking, with a vengeance. However, drinking does not seem to make alcoholics happy. In reality is seems that pursuing certain addictions sometimes make you unhappy. On the other hand my dad pursued my mum with the conviction of an addict. He once told me that after he met my mother that was it. He never looked back and at the moment they are touring the states together having the time of their lives. Clearly, some addicts seem to turn out alright, even though they stick to their poison. On the other hand, an ex-girlfriend’s workaholic of a dad had a heart attack next to the machine he was working. Some addicts apparently come close to dieing or actually die. With both happy and unhappy results my test, whether it is good or not to pursue an addiction, ends inconclusive.

However, what seems to cut across all the behaviour of all addicts is that they do not seem to have a choice in the matter. Since I am contemplating options, I guess I am drug-free. Nevertheless I wish I could join the addiction-craze and turn from contemplating to action. Please, dear God administer the poison that is rightfully mine!