Sunday, November 27, 2005


Hung out at the Gappy Tooth on the Friday. Yeah, the Nazi piece for there in it's full glory in the Denture and this amazing band call Raggasaurus played super elegant dub. So I run out of the next act to catch up with the guys:
"Thanks guys that was super good!"
"Thanks, we have not really rehearsed anything"
"Do you have like an ep, cd cause I really liked it".
"Do you have a webpage"
"No, we are just settingup the band now really, and getting in an mc and stuff"
"So how will I find out when you are playing?"
"Well if you like give me your number I will give you a call when something is up".

So now my idols have my number, awesome! Then I met up with good friend Martin who came over from Sweden this weekend. We went to Turf Pub and had some pints and went back home for more drinks and talk. Saturday was nice, with some rowing action on the Thames, Colleage tour followed by dinner and a visit at Frevds. Sunday we drove up to Southpark, Port Meadow and then Martin got on the bus to the airport.

Speaking of airport I nearly freaked out this evening when I could not find my passport. After 30 minutes sheer terror I found it, which was good, cause I am flying to Holland tomorrow morning.


Wednesday, November 23, 2005


THE RETURN OF EXAGGOMAN, !!check out the 27-entry hilarious!!

nothing much

was up climbing on sunday. did not crack any single problem, but it was good fun. teeth every where tough, so once again i was skinned alive. just like those commandos in predator, or almost.

anywho, this weekend, the gappytooth is on. drop by around 8 at the zodiac, pick up a denture and enjoy my illustrious company. friend is coming over from back home as well, so it will be good to catch up. have not seen him since i mastered the toasts at his wedding.

well gotta go wash up, get dressed and go to merry old work!

have a super good day

Sunday, November 20, 2005

cones man, cones

after being through various shit up cowley road and the zodiac, even a pash, we got back into civilised territories. placed some cones in the middle of the road, giggled, watched the pork and giggled some more. smilex and dr lee fucking rules! go boy go!


Saturday, November 19, 2005

Low class at it's highest

eventually i got well again. eventually the police has found a precinct to patrol. eventually the booming french past-time receded back to 250 torched cars a night.

nothing much happened this week, due to my brush with a cold. there is not much to report. looks like work is picking up again. might fly around a bit to the netherlands, to spain and italy in a short while. somehow i have not gathered any excitement for it, but this time i will be planning the trips so perhaps it wont just be airport-hotel-conference-airport, so maybe i should be a bit excited.

apart from snowboarding in france in december, i am flying home for xmas, so the family is all excited. i get to choose what food mom's gonna be cooking. i am being spoilt and i love it.

grandma called yesterday and i almost slipped up and got that feeling that frodo's got when the golden eye is looking at him. you see, mum and dad have not told her that they're off to new zealand in january, cause she would be pissed and worried. instead they concocted this story about looking after my nephews in germany. so there i was saying, yeah right they are going to NZ in january, and she went no they're off to germany (i could feel they eye on me, swear to god). so i went you're probably right, i cant keep track of them (parents).. i think i got away with it. smooth, real smooth.

today it's all misty in oxford and cold as well. frost on all houses almost like a fairy tale. today i might order a digital camera, send in the interview to russ, go to the zodiac to get some punkrock injected in my ears, wash up, laundry, cook food as well as get cracking on the visa stuff (i've been postponing it long enough).


ps as a bonus i might use some braintime to get going on another story. i got some good feedback on my nazi piece from the southern hemisphere and my very own editing princess. who you might remember from earlier posts such as "why do american punkrockers go out with the new wave hookers. he he

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

All I ever wanted was everything!

..but now when I have caught a cold all i ever want is to warm up to normal.

nose and eyes started running at work today. beads of sweat forming on the frontal lobe casing, mind forming thoughts on the inside of the casing, can i blow my nose in the suit pockets. got home. flat is a mess. dont visit.

sigur ros, bjork and turbonegro playing.

fuck the world, i dont need to dominate you, just heat me up sun.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

only three weeks

..and then I will be back in Val d'Isere for some boarding fun. He he he! However, first I am going to the wall hopefully tomorrow.

Nazis dominate Oxford, Join the Resistance!

Your next door neighbour is highly likely to be a Nazi. Oxford is full of them. Relax Nathaniel! I am not talking about the dawn of the evil Hitler, not even about the freaks that march around with their cute black caps and pretty little leather belts. No, I am talking about a whole new breed of Nazis. Be aware, as they come in all colours and shapes. To find out more, read on!

In the Third Reich, as you might remember from history class, there were these old school Nazis. Their time has fortunately come and gone. However, through observational studies my research team has been able to identify the following modern types of Nazis in today’s Oxford along with their preferred breeding ground: The Living Room - the style Nazis, at Christ Church Collage- the intellectual Nazis, at the Castle Tavern - the gay Nazis, at the Goose – the time Nazis, at the Gappy Tooth - the dental Nazis. What do all these Nazi bastards have in common, you might ask?

Well, within their sub-segment they tend to dress alike, think alike and are very much self righteous. Just like the old school Nazis they generally prey in packs, only it’s not a convoy crossing the Atlantic in their sights, but your self esteem and in extreme cases your meagre existence. Yeah, that’s right, just like under developed school bullies, they will single you out before they ruin everything you want to be and everything you thought you were. How do they go about?

It’s very tricky to define their mode of operation. No true scientist has ever been able to penetrate their worlds, which are filled with secret handshakes, frowning looks, special clothing as well as a plethora of weird accessories, and return. However, it’s is not difficult to tell when you’ve been exposed to their uncanny techniques. Have you ever felt out of place, too dressed down, too dumb, too straight, too late or that you’re being treated like a green horn simply because you’ve never had a root canal? Well, guess what Mr/Ms Zillion Dollars? Your Ego has been blitzed and you are a victim of a modern Nazi attack! To find out how to make sure you never ever feel that way again, don’t stop here!

Firstly, decide if you are going to avoid Nazis by hanging out with good people. If you insist of hanging around Nazi playgrounds you are more likely to be targeted, it’s just a question of time. Secondly, don’t listen to their Nazi talk, you don’t have to you know, it’s not like they’re Jedi Knights or something. Thirdly, obtain the mental attitude of a bumble-bee. This might require some practise, but try the following mantra: -“I love you too, Nazi”. If nothing helps, contemplate Turbonegro’s “Rendez vous with anus”.


The writer is loosely associated with the political wing of the Oxfordese Liberation Army. Do you want to report Nazi activity or name a new species of Nazi – email the Denture. /Editor

As sent in to be published in the Denture November issue (figers crossed and wood touched)

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Calling the police

since stuff happens. I just want to say to all the Kopp:s out there. All is forgiven as long as you stay alive, because we love you!


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I laugh you!

Well, had dinner yesterday with my neighbors. It was kind of cozy, with good food, drink and talk. I hope I managed to keep the balance between talking and listening, but I don't think so since I can't for all the gold in world remember their names. I'll probably try to invite them back during next week or something cause one of them is off to South Africa on Saturday.

Matt had the greatest laughs I've given him for a long time, just from watching my roof climbs. I did not do great and, after ripping off a lot of skin, I had to call it a day with an open problem. We met this NZ girl up at the wall, and I had to interpret for Professor Brainiac. -"No he did not really mean that he would grope your fine features, when he offered help. I believe he wanted to offer some brain assistance. You see his fiancee does not allow him to touch". She went -"Ahh, I see". Matt went -"Your so inappropriate Karl". Eventually the fellow country man and girl got along and separated as friends after Matt had lectured her in the art of climbing (without touching).

God is Great

Monday, November 07, 2005

gay guy fawkes and the incompetence of englishmen

weekend contained a dinner, a bonfire, a fireworks display, a movie, a visit to russ and a concert. even got a some goodies from russ in the shape of the promo for mattafix's signs of a struggle as well as tix to sunday's young knives concert at the zodiac. mattafix is the band that warmed up for tamel camel (talib kweli) in the ghetto (london) a while back, and I really wanted their album. now i got it and it listens really well. russ is truely a santa with anti-beard and he has a german shepard as a reindeer with anti-horn.

the sunday concert was pretty much average, but after a rainy and stay-at-homey sunday it was good to get out of the flat and belt a few pints. met up with richard, head dentist, and just chatted about the gappy tooth, reviews and bookshelves. apparently i need to get in touch with this stuart to write some kick ass reviews for the main music organ in town. sounds like science so i am not 100%-sure i wanna. miri was kind enough to drive me and matt to and fro, which was, as the new zealanders say, convenient. miri rules, not only matt but more in a general sort of way!

friday's broken flowers was alright. a little slow at times, a little too lost in translation, a little too stylistic but it was not entirely without charms. i loved how the end was not an end. to be continued or not, in your face you dumbass movie-goer.

yeah, almost forgot to mention my little saturday crime-high. after sneaking through the fence to watch the fireworks, i waited around for x & y. when they finally emerge, they walk straight into the flashlight beam of a guard. naturally i distance myself a little but it is all in vane when y goes, hey karl ra ra ra. thanks, that's the last time i go out with you while you're on flu-medicine! eventually i end up being the only one paying (i still do not know how that happened). however, i cant deny the rush i felt when i snuck in to this charity event (yeah, i am bad and 15, i know). anyways it was good to pay since big fat charity tycoons with billions of pounds need to get them from somewhere, and to get the foxy secretary to do an abortion does not come cheap (i am told, and apparently to keep the missus happy is even more expensive).

well that's about it. tompa and cissi got back to me, after being quiet for a long while, during the same week. awesome. tompa to get my address and send a wedding photo. cissi to comment on the blogg. well, if i wanted your comments i would have asked for them. oh, just because i asked for them does not give you the right to comment. fine, be that way (yeah, stay the same cissi, do not ever change, apart from actually giving me some directions from time to time)!

on a worldly note, i observe that the french addicts, the spookes, the spicks, the suburbian scum (the interior minister named his power base himself, he he he) have finally administered the cure of all social ills, car burning (careful, so you do not od). apparently it has taken several years of research but now the froggies have finally found a market for their cars as well as a solution to their unbrotherly society. here's the cure again: scum burns cars, cars get built, jobs are created, scum finds job, scum turns into a frenchman (i do not know which scum i prefer). civilized society? well i guess we have to come back another day.

fact: so far the aftermath in Iraq has killed more than 10.000% more human beings than the birdflu.
fiction: i loved you.

god have mercy on us all.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Rainy days revisited

Oh well,

so the weekend was tops. The climing yesterday went of the charts, pink problem eat your heart out! Afterwards I was sitting, all smiles, shaking up on the top of the wall. Adrenaline: high, sweet high...

However, now I need to refocus on my medium to long term happiness. England has once again showed itself from its dark and rainy side. At work the wicked forces are potting against me. Amor is not a "straight arrow" man. Well I am going to baffle you all including the scientists!