Friday, September 30, 2005

You want to be a passenger?

You see me walking down the street, you see me downing a pint, you see me laughing and you see me getting on with life. Don’t you want to know me? Don’t you want to be my friend?

Take a moment to relax, before you do anything rash. When you’re ready to leap, leap! I’ll share some wisdom with you. I’ll share my life with you. Climb aboard!

I love you already. Karl

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Sunny spells over London

The crowd chants Kweli, Kweli, Kweli whilst right hands are waved. You might be excused for believing that you’re at a religious meeting or in 1930’s Germany. Unless, you took a closer look at the crowd, which consists of Indian, African, Asian, European and American youths high on life.

Kweli has given us his second encore, and the spirits are high, since A-grade hip hop has been on our collective menu for a couple of hours. It’s Sunday evening at the Shepherds Bush Empire, and this is just so much better than watching the weather on the news.

We rock up, after the usual problems by the door, just catching a glimpse of Lethal Bizzle. It is a bit of a bummer, however, the Mattafix soon smoothes things over and then some. They are a multi talented act, including a steel drum, singers, drums, a bass, guitars and an organ along with a talented lyricist. Their music makes sense on a bigger scale and their words shoot straight into my mainframe. If they ever change their name they are destined to plague us all over the airwaves. This night I could not care less about all of that, as I am drifting away on Caribbean flavoured hip hop.

Kweli is a new acquaintance of mine, introduced to me by the Professor. I thoroughly enjoy his set, his approach to performing and the openness of it all. It’s a mixed set with old and new songs, with a DJ set as well as break dancing on stage by audience. When the lights come on we’re all smiles and a content bunch of concert-goers. Thanks Kweli and thanks Mattolladew for saving me from the weather report or possibly another boring space launch.


Review London September 2005

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Going for it!

There comes a point when a man's gotta choose, to decide what to do!

I wish I felt it was as easy as it sounds, but years of programming has made me forget what I am going for.

Anyways, went for dinner at the Jericho Tavern tonight. After Miri and Mattias had left, me and Matt climbed the three meter wall opposite and had a smoke. This colobian guy climed up to us, and eventually we ended up at the short films evening he and his girl were organising at the Fenix. Pretty random stuff, but made me think that if the writing is on the wall, you sometimes better stop and read it.

Checking in and out. Karl

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Taking on Goliath

In one of my last efforts to solve divide, I emailed the SAS customer relations director today. I pointed out that I now feel that his company:

1. Places it's customers in harms way
2. Knows that what they are doing is not appreciated by customers
3. Does not care enough to take measurements to determine how dangerous it is
4. Feeds me nonsense information to make me go away
5. When I call their bluff they stop communicating and ask me to turn to their suppliers

All I can say is that this guy is the wizard of customer relations if he can make me choose Scandinavian Airlines again. If you ever fly with them make sure you do not get seat 33A, unless of course you wanna claim some hearing aid off your insurance.

On a good note. I saw a couple of red cars today, not many yellow!

Stay insane, the system needs you. Karl

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Travels, trips and rides

All good things come in triplets, unless of course they don't. I'll let you be the judge of that!

Still waiting to find out what's the go with Princess. I know she's all busy finding out stuff about her new habitat, however, I just wanna know if she wants to do the boogaloo over New Year's. Matt is on to me though, "patience" he says "patience", just like Obi Damned Kenobi. Well, I'll try but maybe I'm not all virtues. Especially since I got this Emperor whispering like a monkey on my back. Nevertheless, it's been some time since I cared, so it's all good.

My strife with the SAS hit a new low mark today. This is defintely the area where I am channelling my frustrations at the moment. I sort of feel like David as I pick a fight with an airliner, but just as David I intend to come out on top. Give me just a minute... and I'll chop my gold card, never to fly with you again.

On the good front is the planning of my next ski holiday, which will be awesome. Hopefully I will be able to round up the usual suspects as well, but Matt brought a trip with some Chinese Cherry people to my attention today. Options options options

Have a super good day! Karl

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Spanish bull fighting

I am down again. Thanks God, for letting me soar for a while though. You got to compare things. Like Laika, she's still soaring although she died four hours after take off some 40 odd years ago. At least God brought me down alive.

So here I am after some hard battles on the floorball court today, just longing to trade it in for some Spanish class on Thursday. Although, I already have a pretty good grasp of the language, "Que grande", "Rapido rapido" and "Tu eres un Toro".

Waiting for salvation

Love it to Death Punk!

The insane Norwegian super-heroes have once again graced the shores of Britain. The band came out swinging with “All my friends are dead” at the Rescue Rooms up in Nottingham. Or rather in Nothingham, if lead singer Hank von Helvete gets his way. Fresh from the Leeds festival he has only just spent a few hours in town. During this time he has already established that there’s nothing to do in Nothingham, unless, of course, you partake in the towns favourite past-time, male prostitution.

After a bunch of their incredible songs like Sell you body, Fuck the world, Wasted again, High on crime, City of Satan and Get it on Hank let’s us sing along. Immensely pleased with our efforts he offers us all a place in the band. One small condition apply, we have to offer our anal-cherries to Mr Sailor man, Happy Tom.

After a brief break in the end, they come back with their calling card song, I got erection. The crowd goes mad as Hanks tells us how it feels to meet a woman, to think of blood as well as to dig a hole in the ground. When they walk off the stage to the sounds of a Greek zorba, I and Kris watch the punk rockers form a ring and dance faster and faster. We nod at each other knowing that Turbonegro has once again exorcised their flavour of black magic on us. A few minutes later I leave the Rescue Rooms, grinning and with a big fat boner. I GOT ERECTION!

Nothingham Review, 2005 August

Monday, September 19, 2005

Tantrums lurking?

I am so exited. It's like my heart is racing a million beats per second. How can life be so much fun? I know I am going to come down at some stage but please let me stay up here for a while, pretty please God. I am enjoying it so much.

Went out for a biggie last Friday with my best friend, Mattollague, in Oxford and we just had so many laughs. The world continued to show itself from the sunny side on Saturday as well, first by an email from Princess and then I finally got to talk to this awsome bass playing girl, Olivia in "All you miss". On the Sunday I came out on top of Mattias in an intense game of squash and then just hung out with Matt and Miri, after setting up the blog.

Tantrums? Ggrrraaoooo outta my way!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Why do American Punk Rockers go out with New Wave Hookers?

I don’t know and I don’t like it. I come from Sweden and Swedish punk rockers go out with punk rock girls unless they go out with Princess.

She cracks me up every once in a while, like the time I and my brother were discussing the gases in periodic system after a gig and stumbled on the noble gases. She just went, “what are you on about, there’s nothing noble about your gases”. Now I know that she knows all about the periodic system, she’s never smelt my farts and just triple played me. I love it

I guess I was partly to blame, since I had already downed six pints by the river, before showing up to our first date. After dinner, as I ran for election, I was unable to support my own erection. Fortunately, her upper lip was just as stiff as mine. Lately, she sometimes sort of motions me to come, in a way that some girls do simply because they know no better, but with her it feels like she is kind of shouting me back. I love it.

I guess the real reason why I think before I open my mouth is because she listens. Not because she’s one of those people that just tries to find five faults. More important, it is not because she’s analysing me to come back and haunt me later. When she speaks, she is not one of those emancipated women that just love to hear their own voices. She has something to say, and I love it.

Nowadays she lives in another town, country and hemisphere. Perhaps that is why Americans keep dating the bullshit new wave hookers, maybe they stick around. I don’t know and I would love to keep it that way.


The Dawn of a new era

Yeah, that's right all you good folks out there. Prepare to listen in on a regular basis to hear some ranting from hell! Karl von Helvete has arrived on Blogspot on public demand.

Stay tuned for some darkness!

von Helvete