Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Alright, Santa!

So Russolladew picked up in the end, thus concluds my evening. Review finishito!

Thankolladew Russolladew

Hey Spencer!

It's another bad day! None of the irregulars are picking up the phone to answer my question. I need to know the names of the first and third act from last Firday's gig, or I cannot conclude my review. Memory is short and some times shorter. I should have done this last weekend, but damn it, I did not. Ark!

Apart from that I almost made the Christ Church Circuit below 8 min. I came in on 08:00:86. I shall soon be crossing this mental border. Now I have just finished making and eating a green curry with prawns and vegetables.

Sunshine! Moonshine!
All I ever wanted was everything!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

burn babie, burn!

went to watch city lights just burn at the zodiac tonight. it was all good, especially the last song which was amazing, even though i do not generally approve of post rocky instrumental songs.

nothing exciting happened at work today, apart from going to lunch with surbjit. yesterday i went to the cotswolds with grace, and had cream tea in minster lovell. and one time antoine dropped a plectrum. that's dangerous!

i just had a thought flashing through my head. what is em doing right now? we have not spoken in 3.5 years. i wonder if she has kids now, she sort of wanted them before. i have no kids and must now sleep.

brain is insane but i love it!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Beers, Essex, Wine, Summertown

met up with phil and cissi yesterday in essex. checked out the local fauna and beer. saw an aga stow. it is this kind of stow that is always on and uses 10 liters of oil per day. was good to catch up with cissi again. she's been writing and things, but now i just hope they get their shit together and marry.

after i left them today i drove to the north sea and then back to oxford. met up with goodness and for wine in summertown and then her place for more wine. we had a good time although a bit too much work for my liking and i think she would agree.


Thursday, May 25, 2006

chop, chop!

potato and leek soup. evening run. sunshine. tired. car repairs. door pass. work. phone calls. meetings. cooked breakfast. car share. slept in.

it's a long way to tripperary. gotta sleep.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

dead man's chest

johnny depp is back from the trip to ompa loompa land. apparently he ows some one a soul... at least he has a soul that some one wants.

more than 50% of all humans makes others unhappy rather than happy. do you have a soul? if so, what does it thrive on?

you reap what you sow.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Nada surf

completely blown out and winds staying strong. So I am not going west now.

Incha Allah

Another bric

in the wall on drugs... I went to the movies with Grace yesterday and Bric was weird but not in a good way I thought. Too pretentious. We ended up having a really good night though and stayed at the Jericho until it closed. Afterwards I went back to Mattias and lost some dart games as well as had some wine.

This morning I had a long chat with Matt in Newquay and he said it had dropped down and was completely blown out. Well, I'll call Mitch later and see what's the word then. Incha Allah.

Anys, yesterday I cleaned the flat and did most of the dishes so now things look almost good in the flat. It's good to chill out for a change. Next weekend is long weekend and still do not know what I'm gonna do, maybe I need to device a ten day plan?

Monkey see, monkey do

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Sweet swell...

might be coming around the weekend. Mitch tought it would be a clean wave around on Sunday, but who knows. Anys, I'll be packing the car and heading west on Saturday I think. Chill if it's blown out and up for a morning session on Sunday.

Apart from this, the trip to Shetland, Orkney and Scotland is getting closer. Then I'll head home for "Where the action is"-tour and most likely I'll check it out in Strömstad. Maybe relive some Grebbestad magic and shrimps. I hope that little red riding pants will be there..

Just play

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


and the great big sorrows of your life. So we got Lehman sent off, well not like this. So Sol showed the Catalans what we're about.

Unfortunately we did not go all the way, and their goals were great. And it hurts, like when your girlfriend rips your heart apart because she's decided that you're friends.

Step aside

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Tired, Happy, Home

My lungs are still entertaining the same old housepest, the evil Dr Coff, as they have the last ten days. I just wish that some superhero from Sky High will come and bust his balls, cause I am sick of deep throating this guy. Anys the weekend in Helsinki was great. Great wedding, great boatride, great food, great company...

Forward Russia! KvH

Friday, May 12, 2006


had to postpone my flight today, since we are reducing the headcount with 40%. yeah, that's right smartanoid, it's just another word for saying that almost half your mates will be gone, unless we are shifting you. nevertheless, going to helsinki to attend simon's wedding tomorrow. i believe it will be most excellent.

finland here comes

Thursday, May 11, 2006

wank wank wank

Funny thing happened as I drove home today. I pulled out in front of this car, in order to overtake a lorry, and the guy flashed his lights and made a gesture. So a raised my left arm in a gesture saying, what the do you want me to do. Anys, as he pulls up next to me to overtake he slows down and stares, I look back and stick two fingers up (to indicate that he should use his eyes). The guy goes ballistic and wants me to stop so we can have a fight. Fat chance, so I just shake my head and laugh, waving my hand in a "come off it" gesture. Still highly aggitato, and probably desparate to show off who-the-man, he slows down and gets up along side me again and beckons me to pull over for a tussle. I just shake my head and laugh at again. Mad as hell he drives on, whereas I just wonder what went wrong with the divine creation. I guess it just turned into a comedy...


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Empire struck back

and with full force. As I went to bed yesterday I coughed for about two-three hours straight, then continued to cough every quarter for the rest of the night... Scientist vindicated.

Eating fruits (with support from medical science).

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Blow me!

after dragging around my cold for days I went for a run against the medical worlds well meaning advice. And what happened, lo and behold, I felt better and happier. [Scientists: Baffled] After finishing the potato and leek soup from yesterday (That's right Anita, I did it. Thanks mum.), I went to grab a pizza at Café Uno for dinner. I did not wait for it but took a walk up on Broad Street and just enjoyed being here. It was beautiful!

Also remember Richard and Alistar: "Don't chop your vegetables on the same choppingboard as you chop your chicken on". Coda x6


Sunday, May 07, 2006


So you think you've been to a wedding? Well, not like this!

Got a ride from Anita and Rich along with Alistar to the Doghouse where the reception was due to happen. Whilst I was photographing the pack of relatives the party happend to be sprayed by a passing car. I being totally oblivious to the fact just went on; "One more, please".

Then we all went in for a few rounds of beer and small talk. The dinner was a smorgåsbord of dishes from salmon to cottage pie, desserts and the coffe and cake. The best part of the evening was when the band, Trademark, played and Russ and Helen were dancing around in marital bliss. I really like her hair and radiant happiness, and Russ was improvising on the dancefloor. Happy days!

My own voice reminded me of the time I graduated from High School and could not speak for a few days. Damn that Thusday night dinner and short sleeved shirts combined with indian summers. Today I got up after 1200 and will probably not leave the flat, but most distressing: no exercise, which makes me a sad boy. Was so looking forward to some climbing...

Now all I need to figure out is what I am gonna do with my life. Matt posed this question to me about a year ago and I told him that he did not need to come by if he was going to push for this. Maybe I am coming around, but then again, maybe I am not. Some people tend to think that you need a five and ten year plan, like the Soviet Union. As much as I repect those people I am not sure that life works that way. But until I die I guess I will never know. Anys, when it comes to work I am less sure that you need it, but as a general master plan for what you want out of life sure, I can see some ideas forming in my head.


Wednesday, May 03, 2006


the Brainiac and I took his carriage and went to London's Underworld to observe Raistus Fistus in true technicolour yesterday. It was pretty much like releasing six times the energy released in the Hiroshima bomb. And to conclude that metaphore they finished with Killing it (i.e. the world). We chatted with Marco, guitarrist, and Robban, sales rodie, and took in the Underworld, which is a pretty cool place although not as cool as Koko up the road, see November entry from the Turbonegro gig.

Fell asleep at the desk after lunch today, to the amusement of my coworkers. Ma ha ha! I gotta get to bed early tonight. Tomorrow dinner with work in Oxford. It should be good since I know these guys from before. Apart from that we are down seizing at work, so the next few weeks/months will be interesting.

Put some Sounds of the republic on the player and flew through Christchurch park tonight. Awesome.

Fuck the world!

Monday, May 01, 2006

You don't go, you don't know...

However, the last couple of weeks have been awesome, but know I don't really know where to go. Spent the weekend giggoing on the Friday, drinking at pubs on Saturday, dinner and a drink yesterday as well as getting up at 0430 am this morning to watch the May day celebration in a rainy Oxford. Me thinks it was overrated, but maybe that's because when it's freezing and wet you just long for your bed...

The question now is what to do next, since my Newquay friend Matt confirmed that it has been pretty flat the last couple of months including this weekend. Nada surf sucks. Chatted with Anita yesterday and she's living it up in Melbourne and might extend her stay, but also confirmed my notion that Oz is a bit of an appendix when it comes to career opportunities. On the other hand, I've never wanted a career, so why do I even think in those terms. Then the taxidriver in Barcelona said that I would be able to get fluent in Spainsh over a few months, and that would be so cool. Another language, another bunch of friends. So maybe I'll pick up a redundancy offer and retreat back to Latin America and get going with Spanish and surf...

In the meantime though I have to get through the every day routine for a while and I don't wanna. I just wanna go, cause I just wanna know. But on the other hand I might be too convenient, senisible or plainly realistic, however, if this is the case I will never know though. And if I'm gonna go, I need to know where to go, so it looks like it's gonna take me some time to figure things and other things out.

News of the day is the 2006 Where the action is-tour in Sweden. The line up looks pretty solid with Hellacopters, Backyard Babies, Millencolin and Soundtrack of our lives/Hives + one surprise act. Looks like I'll go back to Sweden late July or early August...

I want more fun and less not fun.