Sunday, October 29, 2006

Muriel's birthday party

was a fun evening. I had a couple of good laughs in my boardies, dress shirt, bow-tie and jacket. The best one was probably by denying Chat a glass and almost burting into tears of laughter whilst doing that. Pinching Alex's ass for the hell of it, but had I known I probably would not. Afterwards I went back to Mattias place with himself and Sonia and has some from their fancy bong.

Yeah and Gappy Tooth was good fun last Friday. On our depature the doorman was commenting on the Denture and Rich goes -"I love the fact that he is reading the Denture" and I went "It's just beacause I gave him two so he could read in stereo" and Rich goes "Only you would think of that". He's probably right...


Friday, October 27, 2006


So what we got here is Newquay harbour. Pretty isn't it?

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ride of my life. Part II

So the weekend has past and it really delivered. Mr Stylemaster, don Tomaso, Tomaten, Tom and so on finally arrived in Oxford on the Thursday evening. After a couple of beers and a nightcap we got some sleep, only to wake up feeling slightly disappointed since the swell had not picked up. But staying true to the proposition that you get more waves on the coast than in Oxford we headed to Newquay.

We arrived around 5-6 O'clock and I was skeptic but Tomas got a board and out we went. Tomas barely made it out back before catching his first and came back with smiles all over. I knew that there was no reason to beat a round the bush and got my piece of the action. As the sunset and dark arrived we were still in surfing in the floodlights of the Fistral surfclub. My last wave of the day was an ego boost since Tom was on the beach looking at me. I saw the wave jacking in front of me and pulled in just as it closed. 1 nano second in the tube before the lip fell like a guillotine on the small of my back. Heeee!

After some dinner and beers at Newquay arms and Skinner's we went to bed, begging for more the day after. Matt at Driftwood lodge woke us up around 0730 for some breakie after which we got out gear into his van and went to Watergate. It was a beautiful morning and the sun was out as we got into our wet wetsuits. The surf was clean and not crowded so it was perfect with a small 2-3 foot swell. I had a fantastic day and caught a lot of waves, including the ride of my life!! I came flygin along the face, quite low on the board and it was just so peaceful. I let my right hand drag and everything was just in harmony on this beautiful little right. The now seemed extended. Afterwards I did not know what to do with myself, I was just high I guess, apart from trying to score more. Surf dream 1 accomplished.

Back in Oxford later on the Saturday we had some food at 10pm and just continued to chat and drink until 4-5 in the morning. It was a well good night! And by the looks of things I will be bestman for the first time of my life in August next year. Tom and Mia are getting married in Fjallbacka and that is going to be sooo cool.

Things are looking up!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hey you, things are looking up!

Yeah, sure as mada fuggin hell they are looking up!

Things have been great at work lately. I get so much good feedback and my ideas are really pulling through. That did not stop me from looking into another great opportunity, which could well blow my mind if it comes to that. However, since you will not be able to cope with the change I'll keep my mouth shut for the moment.

Last weekend Swiss Concrete was running up to the critical third night, which went well. Wombats played and they were by far the best band we've put on, and that I've heard for a long time. Their bassist is Norwegan, Scandianvian qualities, eh? I also had some people for that flat warming effect, and it was great. Good drinks, good conversations and lots of laugh and a pash. Well what can I say. Things are looking up!

Tomorrow Tomas is coming over from Sweden and we will be surfing this weekend, I 've got Friday off. Incha Allah. I am just so stoked cause this summer was difficult and stuff, really the last 12 months, and now I am soo happy. Happy as Larry


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wedding crashing in the Antipodes

Make your arrangements cause I've made mine. Bake a wedding cake, or two! Wax down the boards! Dust off the sights! Prepare the fireworks! Chill the throwbacks!

I'm beaming myself to your playground Willie, Chris, Brad, Miri, Matt, Kopp and Anita. Exercise extreme vigilance!

Outbound : Heathrow (London), United Kingdom to Sydney, Australia
Flight Number : BA7372
Depart : Sun 24 December 2006 11:15
Arrive : Mon 25 December 2006 19:30
Cabin : Economy (Traveller)
Operated By : Qf
Number of Stops : 1

Outbound : Sydney, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand
Flight Number : BA7349
Depart : Thu 4 January 2007 11:40
Arrive : Thu 4 January 2007 16:40
Cabin : Economy (Traveller)
Operated By : Qf
Number of Stops : 0

Outbound : Wellington, New Zealand to Melbourne, Australia
Flight Number : BA7359
Depart : Wed 31 January 2007 15:25
Arrive : Wed 31 January 2007 17:30
Cabin : Economy (Traveller)
Operated By : Jetconnect For Qantas For Qantas Airw
Number of Stops : 0

Outbound : Melbourne, Australia to Heathrow (London), United Kingdom
Flight Number : BA7309
Depart : Sun 4 February 2007 17:10
Arrive : Mon 5 February 2007 05:30
Cabin : Economy (Traveller)
Operated By : Qf
Number of Stops : 1

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Weekends are Good

and so was this one, even though I am a bit sort of disaapointed for not going out yesterday. However, I really needed a break and get some air. I've got my strategy sorted and now I just need to execute. A breath of fresh air!

Friday was really cool and just hanging out at the X for a bit longer than usual. All good fun. Yesterday I hung the photos I bought of Mats Backer two years ago and they are amazing! I found a good solution for hanging them as well, which is cool without paying a cool zillion for framing them.


Thursday, October 05, 2006


I got go ahead to go away for January. They are puttting in a contractor instead of me and it will be all sweet. Looks like there might be two weddings to go to since Willie is swapping rings in Sydney and Matt is up to the same stuff in Wellington. In between I will have time to visit migrant friends in New Zeeland and Oz as well as some indigenous poeple as well. Ah rest assured I will do some sight seeing and surfing as well. Never been to or surfed NZ. It's gonna go off!!!


An accident happens so easy

Go hit by a lorry on the way to work this morning. The follwing words were uttered as I jumped out of the car and the trucker is on his way to get going again:
"You are not going before I have your details"
"Why do you want my details?"
"Why? You f***ing hit me, that's why"
At this stage I am stading right in front of the truck scribbling down rego and phonenumbers... No one got injured and the car is set for repairs next week.

On a separate note there is a housewarming at my place next Friday. The more the merrier...

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Newquay Revisited

So after an excellent Gappy Tooth with the mighty Scroobius Pip, I drove out to Cornwall. It was absolutely classic to hook up with Matt again after 18 months. He's like one of those persons where you just pick up and go from where ever you left it. After an afternoon session at the town beaches, we hit the town for some burger action with Ainsley. After dinner we went of to Skinner an hung out with the real locals drinking it up. It was hard work but those Cornish cold filtered blond ales are just so sweet when they hit the lips.

Today when got up at down, which was a bit of a struggle, and had a really nice session as the sun rose. Caught a few big ones and paddled a lot, had a fright and went on to save my own life. It's just a shame it's such a long way to go. However, when Tomas get's here we will be there for a long weekend which will be real good.

the future ain't what it used to be!