Saturday, November 25, 2006

A day in the life

and what a day! It's pretty rainy and I got a ton of practical stuff to do. Like changing sheets in the bed, laundry, dishes, pay roadtax, buy x-mas presents, get food, buy socks... The evenings musical performance looks good though! Some sort of classical experiement with some more modern bandbased music. I should know but I forgot.

Oh well, on with the show

Friday, November 24, 2006


so I am sitting in another airport being late on a Friday evening. BA is not picking up any "I love you points". I chuffed up my dinner, lambchops, at the restaurant only to run through security and getting the message that it was delayed. It was a late arrival so they knew it all along, modafokers.

Well, it gave me a chance to blog, which I haven't for a while. Bern in Switzerland is a pretty nice place. I really liked it since it is a pretty hilly place for a capitol, with nice architecture, spectacular mountains as a backdrop and very nice slow vibe to it. It reminded me of the best stuff from when I was living in Vienna, combined with more mountains. I could well fancy living here as well...

The week has been pretty hectic, but it was great to get all the stuff done. Another application and heaps of work. Backyard Babies did one of the better gigs I have seen them do at the Zodiac, since they were my guiding light. The songs of total 13 ripped, made me madman, highlights, ufo romeo as well as some of the new stuff.

The trip to Germany was a lot of fun and we played hide and seek, built with lego as well as built sand castles. Mum and dad had got a cold but luckily I seem to have beat it.

Next up, weekend which is a bit unplanned as always. Tomorrow I am doing some stuff at Magdalen college for a charity gig. Tonight will depend on when I get back, but possibly a pub or a bar.


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Climbing up from the hole!

So I guess it was a classic case of getting caught up in the moment and magnifying it and not doing the homework. Anyway, now I have done the homework and am able to slow down take a look, and it looks good.

A new Denturino is going to take shape the next couple of days, Backyard Babies are playing in five days and in two days I meet the nephews.


Sunday, November 12, 2006

staring down into the hole

sell-outs, selfpity and thoughtlessness has brought me here. Though I knew I had to come down at some stage after that dream ride almost a month ago. Especially since there has been no surf at all. But this weekend has been crappier than I thought it would be. Friday was good I suppose, cause I actually felt at home at the X, but Saturday was a disaster and today suffering the consequences.

Oh well, next weekend Dusseldorf, weekend after that Newquay (hopefully), then Sweden and then birthday and then Arsenal game and then Sydney. Feeling desparate but I know it is really good.


Saturday, November 04, 2006

Slowly sleepy Saturday


got up at 8am and checked the webcams in Cornwall. Disappointment, it was like lookingat a f**king lake, not even a ripple. So I watched a surf flick, breakied and did some dishes, before Eva called. She, Nils and I met up at Qi for some lunch and after shopping a hoodie for my oldest nephew, we drove to the woods for a long walk in the sunset.

Next, we shall see.