Monday, July 31, 2006

Where the action is!

The action is in Stromstad on the Swedish westcoast. I came back from five days over there and it was action packed:

Harbour sailing in Grebbestad: Check
Catching up with friends: Check
Running tabs at Konserven: Check
Wakeboarding: Check
Eating herring on Koster: Check
Surfboarding on wake: Check
Eating prawns at Havstensund: Check
Barbecue: Check
Drinking beers in Stromstad harbour: Check
Hellacopters, Millencolin, Backyard Babies, Soundtrack of our lives: Check
Making out at Skagerack: Check
Skinny dipping under the stars: Check
Beach fire: Check

Pictures will be popping up a bit later but I can only say one zillion thanks to those involved:
Tomas, Mia, Anders, Camilla, Tore, Arne, Eva, Lars, Jerry. I had a blast. If the man had not been scoping me out, we totally would have got that moshpit going.

Now I will kick back before travelling down to Karlskrona on the east coast.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

keep on truckin

the ticket has been laying around for heaps long and now it is no longer there on the shelf next to the door. highlights were definately the priscillas and just spacing out in the sun drinking beer. i love down and dirty all girl garage rock bands with a sense of humour. they reminded me a bit of the voladoras. mmmm.

got some chores, but now i am gonna sleep

Saturday, July 22, 2006

no sleep for the wicked

my neighbours are moving to london, and yesterday their friends and some neighbours saw them off. it was a good and completely alcohol fuelled event. Now off to truck

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

seafood in milan

and some highly productive meetings was the result of the two day trip. It was good to come back to 35 degrees in England, though Heathrow was a mess as always. To go for a run on the meadow and then a swim in the Thames was fantastic just now. The boardies are still wet..

On the Monday I went to Gs place and had dinner. It was really tasty actually so she can cook in a cool and relaxed manner without going over the top. I likes. Of course we talked and talked and then I took a taxi home. When I came home I chatted with Mattias about the CV and prepared for the flight to Milan.

Anys, still no news what Princess has decided down under. In more than one way, it would be great if she came back, but I have not told her that. I never will either, unless of course, she looks up this blog.

Ma ha ha ha haaaa

Next week I will be on the Swedish west coast. Only 8 days to go to: Where the action is 2006 tour

Sunday, July 16, 2006

I also love Green!

Your results:
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Green Lantern
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You are a wanderer with
amazing strength.

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Saturday, July 15, 2006


Got some pics from one of the guys that I went to Engelberg with in March. This picture speaks volumes about my relationship with the world around me. I some times just wanna shot it in the ass! At the moment though I wish I was there or in Morocco. Shiit boy, I've had some good holidays this thata year.

Watch out I am coming to get ya!

And yes, that means you too... Rararararendez vous with anus!


Strange things are happening in the Middle east. I cant believe in what the Israeli government is doing right now, it's just going to lead to more misery for everyone. They seem to have learnt nothing from Iraq and past wars. You cannot wage war for peace, it is as simple as that. The building of the new wall, was bizarre enough, but this is just horrible in a mind boggling kind of way.

As so the body count, 25 times more Libanese killed, 6 times more Libanese injured and the Libanese infrastructure is being demolished, on a grand scale. There is no moral high ground to be found when the blood is dripping from Israeli hands.

Shame on you, Israeli politicians and the ones who elected you. You are not acting in the best interest of yourself, your people, your country, your neighbours, the region, the world. Basically your murderous behavior suck, in a big way!


Friday, July 14, 2006


that's it. i am gonna buy some beers and a burger and go to university parks. and see if the world can start spinning again!

spinning and spinning

soon it will stop. soon the ride will be over and i will wake up. decisions, choices and fucked up situations. what do you say to people when they ask you. i just do not know. i just cant make it fly nor put the right spin on things. why am i so tired and why am i so edgy. i dont know, but soon i will be on the other side. things cannot spin faster and faster without slowing down forever. you laugh. thanks for tonight. maybe next time i will jump in your arms.

when it rains, it pours

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

i cant get no sleep

so i got up around 0530 and went for a run. too much on my mind. first song on the player was a hives song, a.k.a.i.d.i.ot.

it's a beatuiful morning and i went around port meadow. mist over the river and fields. swans' necks sticking up like periscopes, cows grasing and drinking, the sun rising like a fireball as well as some river boats camping along the thames.

here we go again.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


you are a genious! you are the best player in the cup. and you got the trofee!

zidane, you keep the hero stuff real.

Crap crap crap

There's too much crap in this title, cause it's another bad day, Spence!

Some get divorced and some don't, but in the end of the day you wanna be there for your loved ones, and that makes today such a crap crap crap day.

Over and, yes, Crap

Saturday, July 08, 2006


about all the things you do well and then decide what you will continue to do. I am having a bit of a moment of clarity here after doing a brief interview with Glenda for this month's Gappy Tooth at the Zodiac. She's a bit of a bäd äs, I suspect Ajja, but without dressing up. On stage she feels she has freedom, and can do things that would have got her arrested or put down in one way or another. Why does she do it, "because at least they are not watching TV"...

I love bäd äs girls. I'm like Pharrel, in that way, since he also appreciates the finer features of the feline appearence.

Her ass is like a spaceship or a loaf of bread!

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Yeah, I know my posts have been a bit boring lately, but that's simply because I did not want to just complain. But now I can't hold back any more, cause it's just too boring.

-I guess the negotiations of leaving my employment in Sweden has taken it's toll, but that's working out alright. After all I've been drinking bubbles on two occasions due to those events.
-The reorg is a reoccurring event that I should be used to, but then again this time around the whole UK office is shaking a bit.

However, I think the fact that I have not got as much out of the job as I thought when I started is the key crux. If this is the key crux that would explain why I do not feel supercharged in the mornings, and it also gives me some ideas to what I need to do.

To be a winner, you have got to care [George Best]

Sunday, July 02, 2006


What a referee, what a player, what a night and what a scandal. I hope the this ref has done his last championship ever, cause he robbed it of it's best talent. After swallowing the last of the beer we left the Oxford pub for Head of the River, which was perfect. "It's like a fucking postcard Grace", with the river, sun, punters, and food and drinks. Later still I went to Tom's mellow unemployment party for a bit and caught up with some of his nice mellow friends before retiring home.

Today's been great with the Carnival. Music, food and sun along with some company. Just an awesome vibe in the whole place. Loved the Skylarking Soundsystem and the drumsessions elsewhere along with the fantastic blue rider eating children and scaring them in the process... Pity I am so sensible and did not sedate the old brainhump, but the again it's kind of nice too... Dr Cold and Coff have recently taking on an intern, Dr Snot, but hopefully I will clean house like Arnold did in Sacramento, and rid myself of the quacks.

Big village life

Saturday, July 01, 2006


Give your opinion if this review was helpful for you:

Gappy Tooth 4th Year Anniversary Night, May 2006

Life is a box of chocolates my mama always used to say. No not really, but on this evening the promoters, Richard and Rob, give us so much it’s almost hard to chew. First up is comical genius Rachel Pantechnican.

To give you a true account of the events is unfortunately not possible, ‘cause I was laughing my head off. However, it was not only laughs, it was also educational. Did you know that the missing six metres of the Bayeux tapestry, tells the story about how cats invaded the castle and that Willem the Conqueror did not actually get a crown, instead the archbishop put a cat on his head? No? I suppose you have never read the story about “Cheese grater leg-iron lion” either. Next time Rachel performs, go watch! This is a “one man comical adventure”.

As Rachel hands over to Harlette, we are all drying our tears. Their music is sometimes described as gothic grunge rock. I think that there is more power in the way the drums and bass motor around, than grunge normally provides. So if I was you, I would picture some supercharged grunge with a dash of prima Donna, I think you got it just about right. Always entertaining and they do give us a good gig. However, after observing these girls a couple of times, I know that they have considerably more umpf, than they give tonight.

Last band of the evening is Mary’s Garden. They’ve been around for some months in this constellation. Their set feels a bit like two sets in one. In one they build up elaborate sound environments, like dark movie music. The vocals make you think of the Cure, but not, if you know what I mean. These environments are a bit scary when you wander off into them. Then there is a part of the gig that feels like a singer song writer gig. I prefer the dark environments.

Thanks for the chocolates, the laughs and the music.