Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Cause we were giggin'

Had a ball yesterday! I was hanging to get out of the office and get to the Cellar Bar, aka the Fight Bar. Sunnyvale, Suitable Case For Treatment and Damo Suzuki played, when we eventually got there after dinner, beers and music at mi Casa. SCFT was like a cross between woodoo (a' la New Orleans), Deathmetal and an insane asylum. It was just great to be back and actually go to a gig, it's been at lease three weeks since last.

After going through some soulsearching I now feel I am back in the world were I like to be. It is all coming together nicely now with life, work, holidays and stuff.

Rrrrrrraaaaoo Karl

PS Meet some of the local tycoons in the shape of Richard, Stuart and Nick.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Stage fright

..the rascals are all asleep and I've been watching TV. The parents should be out and about for another hour or so.

After being awaked by a tape recorder early this morning it all started. When I went to take a leak the oldest asked if he could join. There was no way I could pee with him clutching my leg so I had to ask him to stand back a couple of times. Afterwards he told the parents that I had taken a leak standing (apparently not allowed). Later as we had lunch at a food court in town we had to enter the loo for an emergency piss-call. He sort of jumped back when he saw the piss under the toilet, but as I lifted him up it was alright.

The youngest really seem to like music and had a good look at the poistiv-player and a street muscian, and did not seem to mind parting from the coins I stuck in his little hand. And yes the bags went down very well indeed.


Thursday, January 19, 2006

MBTI and Germany

I've been on a pretty cool training/course the last few days about Myers Briggs Type Indicators. I was totally amazed the way just 8 points could say so much about me. It was like reading a horoscope but accurate. Most of my strengths as well as problems where in there. Fantastic. You have a chance, do it! Also I've started applying it on people around me as well and it works too, even though I am still taking baby steps.

Now I am chilling in Dusseldorf, after a long delayed flight. However, I am pretty happy that I bought the rascals tiny luggage bags with marshmallows. It will be most cool to see what they will do with them as they get them. I am debating to give them the bags when I come or on the Saturday when I will babysit (alone, with a 2 and 3.5 year old, is scary).

Next week Damo Suzuki and then Agent Blue in February are in the cards. Good gigs coming up, that is. Looks like Santa is releasing my All You Miss interview in the Denture's January issue. Go me!

My body is a temple! He he

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Strange days

sometimes life seems so surreal and this weekend has been pretty surreal. Well, most of you do not have a clue to what I am talking about, but relax, 'cause I have come to educate you all. You may call me Professor Karl.

This weekend Annika and Martin were graced with a daughter. Well, you might be going what the hell, persons are born every other day of the week. But this was special. Martin and Annika got married last September and I was supervising the evening proceedings at the Toastmaster in question.

Hold it right there, don't you leapfrog to the conclusion that only this made the weekend special, since the thing runs a wee bit deeper than that. Because in June 2002 Martin and Annika met at a party at my place for the first time. Now I wont have you giving me all credit because the girl that invited Annika along was actually a friend of Martin's, but still I share some of the creds. And some more goes out to Martin who did not fully reject the idea of employing me after he interviewed me for a job in October 1999. Since then we travelled to Fuerteventura, Newquay, Brussels, St Anton, Chamonix, Champoluc and down into Alagna (Martin, Jan 2004: "Well, I did not go all the way here not to board Alagna, I am going" this was said after a discussion about the weather, which made the rest not wanting to go. In the end I joined in and it was lush for 4 hours, until we were in back country on the way back and bad weather struck. Close one.). And now this Martin is a dad! Big ups or as the Brainiac says: Props!

After the weekend's events and looking around the blogs, seeing all these kids with their own blogs, I feel a desire to reproduce as well. Now all I need to do is find the right girl and settle down, hope that my soldiers are not overly lazy and then do the wild thing with the chosen snake charmer. Strange days indeed, or maybe not.


Saturday, January 14, 2006

Jackie Kong

checked out the monkey movie tonight and I gotta say, sometimes crossovers are bad. Jurassic Park meets Jackie Chan in an ape-suit blended with a dash of Indiana Jones along with three drops of Doctor Strangelove generals served extremely slowly by a lame blond hapless chick.

Apart from that I found myself feeling all excited about going to work this morning. Which was great, and who knows what I will do with this realisation. Tomorrow I am going to frame the poster I got from Princess, catch up with Russ and go to Ann Helen's for some drinks.

You tell me lies minger! Karl

Thursday, January 12, 2006

The new deal

New year and ho ho hos everywhere,

some ungrateful people have compained that there are no new posts on the blog, which up until now has been true. However, it is not true any more. New Year's was spent at Miri-Matt's place and then at the Jericho Tavern. We counted in the New year and drank Salmon Billecart on Girl's recommendation (thanks!!). Apart from that I've been pretty lethargic lately and work has felt like it sucks like a blue whale. Today was great though and sort of made up for what the whales have been doing..

So Switzerland is booked for mid March and now I am planning a surf expedition to Marocco in April. Board riding bliss, give it to me like a whale! A few weddings are apparently coming up during the year as Simon ties the knot in Helsinki and Santa in San Francisco. Apart from that I might try to check out the spires of onions in Moscow at some stage, since Tobbe is overthere now.

Stay low on a high note! Karl