Sunday, February 19, 2006

Politics, bollocktics

I've been getting a lot of comments about the blog turning into a political statement. I suppose it is those constant stories about double standards, lining your own pocket and fine dining, that does it, eh? Apparently you immediately to think of Tory Blair and the rest of the bratpack governing this little island when you read something relating to sleeze or loss.

So let me set this straight. What you read here is not straight politics, in the normal crooked, twisted and bent kind of way that you MP serves you. What, what you read here, is, are my random reflections on things that I reflect upon.

Karl von Helvete

-Support my re-election by donating £10 to Natwest account 123.123.123. Remember every little helps, so feel free to take out a loan, in order to line my account.
-You're out of money, but are a female with a lucious body? Get in touch! We will try to arrange innovative positions for you to support my erection.
-You're out of money, but are a male with a body? Sell it! The spot price of kidneys recorded a record high last week as hedonism becomes the dominant faith in white west.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

The price of freedom... always too low when you're selling out!

Nestlé has taken out ads in the Middle East boasting that their products do not have Danish origin, i.e. supporting the boycott of Danish products caused by the fact that Danish papers are free to write what they want.

I say fair enough, if they had cut the subscription to Jyllands Posten (the Danish paper), but to support a hate campaign against a country that promotes freedom of speech is immoral in my mind. Regardless how much cash they stand to gain, selling out this freedom will always be cheap. Thanks, but no thanks, Nestlé, I won't support you when you push for your CEO to edit the Swiss press to protect your revenues.


Same goes for French retailer Carrefour. Freedom, equality and brotherhood, unless of course, there's a revenue opportunity that calls us to give up the principles of the revolution! Well revenue this: I will never shop with you again, because I happen to believe in freedom, equality and brotherhood!

Just constantly improving..

...on a lowlife achievement. Thought I post another report from the gutter. This picture is from the Tuesday, and as you can see I was in a contemplative mode. Incidentwise, I saw the nurse again and booked another dentist appointment for next week along with filing with the insurance company yesterday.

Had a slow evening due to the fact that I do not want to risk the healing process. I went through and repositioned my pensions savings. He he! And then I watched the bestest TV mini-series ever, Pride and Prejudice 'till two in the morning. Ah!

Well, over and out for now and remember buying Nestlé products is supporting government censorship. So go on support Dicatorship but don't expect me to take a fall in the gutter for you, but then again you can also not buy their products!


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

You should have seen the gutter! was totally unimpressed. And so was I when I saw this face staring back at me at the ER in Oxford. You can't really see it on this picture but I knocked a half off my right upper front tooth, and that gutted me more than anything. After refusing painkillers and throwing the cup on the ground, banging the wall 'til the police came and mixing it all with sitting down whilst crying like a baby I think I was all mature about it. As always, I shook everybody's hands when I left saying thanks.

The wounds are all healing nicely and I am working again. Mr Fat Lips has also manged to recover the tooth from the gutter and a dentist glued it back on, where it hopefully will stay. All in all, I am alive and well and soon the lip will resume regular size.

I got one piece of advice and that is don't eat concrete. You see, it was not there during the stone age, so we are just not used to it... ...or maybe it's an aquired taste....

Thanks Matt and Miri for vital support and handholding. Thanks Anita for pointing out the irony of me being a regular at the Gappy Tooth. Thanks Tamas and Annika for important dental and medical advice.Thanks dead grand dad for your cameo in my dream the other night, made me realise how much I needed to talk to my family. Thanks mum for pointing out that I should always have accident cover, I so am claiming. Thanks English NHS, Eduardo, John, nurses, call centre personell, doctor and ambulance team, maybe you do good work for the taxpayers after all, touch wood. Thanks Elisabet for your Valentine's day sms. Thanks for workmates' and Santa's emails.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Flying high

a couple of weeks ago I saw this kid playing and jumping around with a kite on Port Meadow. Today I've been browsing the web to find a kite and they look set to cost around £60-100 for an entry level one. I am going to do some more research and then I am buying the sucker...

Yesterday was spent drinking champagne and other bubbles with the NZ crew. It was good fun and I cannot recall the last time I had such an enjoyable evening whilst being intoxicated. Come to think of it, I can't even recall last evening.

I picked up tix for the Truck festival in July. Mattolladew and I will also get tix for the Reading festival this year which should be good fun. In May Raised Fist are playing in London and this week Agent Blue are playing at the Zodiac.

Tune in and take off!


Saturday, February 04, 2006

I wanna make you feel...

the way I feel when I am with you. It's as simple as that.

Went to an arabic bar tonight and smoked the gigantic bong with Mattias and his new Jordanian flatmate. It felt pretty weird to inhale smoke without choking on it, but good. Also made a mental note that the chicks in there are hot, which was an unexpected bonus.

Thanks to every one involved in this planet.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

So you think you've read it all

Well, not like this!

the superfoe of the universe, Brainiac, is down with a flu he got from his bird. I just hope he did not fondle her too hard like Lennie did with those mice, but basically he must have becaused you only get bird flu that way.

Feeling slightly worse for wear after a two day conference presenting a lot of work stuff. It went well, but a lot of work went in to the preparation and execution. Ah! Now I am hanging for the weekend, and some r'n'r with Mattolladew, Miri and Claire. On Saturday we're going to a new Spanish restaurant in Oxford. One guy I am carsharing with, a spaniard, has said it's good, so it ought to be, eh?

Today, I received the second wedding invitation in the same week. And it's cool and stuff, cause I am going to Helsinki, which is a really nice corner of the world in May. Nevertheless, sometimes I just feel that it would be great to go to a wedding with a partner. So far it has never happened. But hey, that just my opinion on how to improve from perfect, man. In much the same way that my Oz vision goes into that category. Today Sara left for Oz, and that made me think even more on it again. Some how, I gotta get it in or out of my system...

Sometimes I dont know, where to go!