Friday, September 29, 2006

Mission Accomplished

Vell vell,

I got to say it feels pretty good, or should I say would feel pretty good if it had not been for the low preassure hovering above me, after ticking off so many boxes.

Workwise I had to put an idea paper together outlining what I want to do. Today I sent the draft off to my boss, so wen can have a chat about it early next week. It feels like a stab in the dark, but at least I've made that stab, and on time as well.

Then I wanted to get my hair cut, so I went to Sonia today, and now it is not so all over the place. Last weekend I finally got a suit by Mr Smith, or is it Sir nowadays, so I needed to get it to my taylor to widen the ass and shorten the legs. As I tried on the jacket and both Mr Taylor and just go "like a glove". Another little thing that I got done was to change my addresses with the company, the Inland revenue, the Economist and the bank due to the move.

As the Executive Guest Editor of the Denture, I've cracked the whip, cooed and bent over backwards and after editing, printing all I now need to do is fold the little sucker and it's a done deal. I even managed to sneak a little piece about clowns in this one. He he.

Additionally I got the go ahead to book my holidays for January, which means I can go to New Zealand and check out the prison colon of the Antipode. I wonder what it will be like, cause when I was little I saw this program about Maoris and volcanoes and it seemed cool. In uni I was a noselengeth from going to Wellington a year.

Vell vell

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

an inconvenient truth

checked out the al gore movie together with eva and mattias. it's a pretty inconvenient movie about something as boring and non-movie-related as sliced bread. but just like sliced bread i enjoyed it being dished out. and somethings will have to change to something slightly more sustainable, if we are to lead our existance in a sustainable manner, that is.

anys, the movie broke down just as he was getting into the more interesting bit about global warming. it's carbon dioxide, right? but what creates it? cars? fat chance! along with tempratures going off the charts, carbon dioxide is going off the charts, as wellas: world population. this where i would have wanted a bit more. what the hell are we supposed to do? cut dicks off and saw together vaginas? instead we went back to the ticket booth and got our money back.

inconvenient, you bet!

Friday, September 22, 2006


i am so so tired of carrying boxes and of a lot other things.

hate something, change something

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Moving on

.. to a new flat finally, and it feels pretty damn good. I am sitting in my new sitting room and it is not a combo of storage, kitchen and lounge. It feels like a revival of better living, almost like when i stayed on Tomtebogatan in Stockholm for instance.

Because life is short

Monday, September 18, 2006

right to the left

so we will have a new government in sweden and finally someone else than social democrats will abuse the power. interesting. anyway comparing to england the right is more left than labour, so sweden is not up for a big change anyway. but a change none the less and that in itself it will be good.

porkchops with baked potatoes.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Who v3.2.3

sometimes when i see you i wonder what i see. is it you or my picture of you. it never really seem to happen with us. you are just so busy all the time. when you are around then someone else is always around. i don't really know what to say to you about you and i. cause i am not really sure if i see you or just my picture of you.

whatever dude, i never went surfing today. conditions changed. the party was alright with some good people last night. swiss concrete night last thursday went well as well, so we are now well on our way to glory and fame. in sweden there is an election on today, so it will be interesting to see what happens.


Saturday, September 16, 2006

Trying to get high

well, it's been a busy week with sleep in own bed once. Yesterday was teambuiding so we ended up winning a bottle of Moet as first prize. I guess a bottle of bubbles is better than no bottle of bubbles, eh?

I am starting to line up things for the move next weekend and thinking about surfing tomorrow and company fiesta tonight. Possibly, I will go to the party although, to tell you the truth, it does not hold a lot for me. Embrace and Texas will be playing, and I do not believe any of those bands will be giving me an erection.

Anys, I am thinking about driving out and then just get outta there around midnight like a modern night Cinderello. That way I could be cruising straight out to the beach have a snooze and be in the water early if the swell is big or lounge 'til 9 when the tide is turning. On the other hand, perhaps it is much ado about little surfing since it is 500 miles of driving.

Stay tuned

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The garden party

Swung by Pete's place for a party, which turned out to be a really good idea. Pete had invited me some weeks ago, during a wet night at the Zodiac, and said that he would have some friends over and they would play and things. Anyways, I rocked up and their garded is transformed into a small venue. And then there are like a couple of really good singer-songwriters along with Script that are playing. Nice mellow vibe with the barbeques grilling away in one corner and later the moon and the stars came by for a bit of the gig.

High class at it's high

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Election in less that 2 weeks

Scandals and stuff in Sweden,

Apparently the Swedish prime minister is disgusted to find out that the miniscule Liberal party has been checking the Socialdemocrats intranet. The party's secretary has branded the Liberal party's leader a rapist although apparently he has not been involved with the intrusions. Do not get me wrong, I do not support data intrusion, but let's get a sense of proportion here.

These are the very same persons that have allowed extra-ordinary rendition flights to and from Sweden. Without feeling sick they have assisted to populate Guantanamo and other potential torture chambers. They equate data intrution by association with rape, with out feeling sick. And restassured there is no question that they have known about these intrusions for a long long time, without feeling sick.

Well, I am feeling fucking sick reading about you, you powerhungry, debased and spinning primeminister. I hope that sometime the legacy of you and the social democrates will become clear to the nation. However, I am sure that that day is closer in Cuba (Castro, Revolution) than in Sweden (Socialdemocrats, Welfare state)

And yes, I know it's the same crap with the rest of the parties, but parties stink even more if they get to linger on the throne for too long.


went climbing for the first time since last time. It was good, and I just hope that I have not straind my right shoulder too much this time around, since it bugged out last time. Anys, it was good fun and I managed to make some progress on my pink nemisis.

Apart from that it seems like everyone is getting married or children, and I can only say congratulations. May you get what you want!

Sunday, September 03, 2006


I picked up the latest NOFX album. Just like the insightful album War on Errorism a few years ago, this one delivers fairly contemporary critic of the state of the union.

"The ship is listing, the captain is placing blame on the iceberg: -That berg attacked us, I am declaring war on the Arctic"

Who would have thought that this would be our world a few years ago? The hands of the devil are employed all over the place. Make a difference in your world, try to get on with thy neighbour.


Saturday, September 02, 2006

Putsborough or something

Ant-man put on one helluva show with Sue yesterday. He even dropped a plectrum on my request. And Tounsi with Raggasaurus is a treat.

Three hours of sleep later I got up and started driving the 200 miles to the surf. After some breakie in Bristol (more coffee) and a 7 minutes powernap on road 361, I was suited up and in the water by eight.

Puts was reasonably clean, grey skies and rain in the air, but it did not matter. I just went for it. Tried to work a bit more on wave selection and stuff, but I could definately feel that it's been 4-5 months since Marocco. Rusty and Happy! Afterward I caught up with Mitch and Sally. We went for some coffe on Saundison(?) beach.

Now I am back in Oxford and pretty spent. I would have stayed on a bit longer had the forecast been better. Which it was not.

Blissfully yours,

Friday, September 01, 2006

Bands + surf = LoL

so it looks pretty good. today i have had a nice meal, some good wine and am no into the coffee. i have just got a text from mitch declaring that the surf will be up tomorrow. i guess i should have been on my way now, if it had not been for anton barbeau and raggasaurus, who are playing the wheatsheaf tonight. ant man gave us a couple of good shows last year when he was over.

forecast: fun