Thursday, April 27, 2006

Nou Camp


checked out the semifinal in the champions league tonight and with that some of the legendary players in Braca and Milan. The coolest thing was when the crowd just burst into joy when Henke Larsson was put on the pitch in the second half. Pretty soon he had a header and the only personal chant of the evening was a fact, Larsson Larsson Larsson...


Sunday, April 23, 2006

Forecast: Sun

Tomorrow I will go to Barcelona and enjoy a conference and some nice tapas. Should be cool fun! It will beat a rainy England, no matter how beautiful the weather was yesterday. Had a pub lunch, chatted with a stranger, Pishta, in the sunny Christ Church park, and had some beers and pizza at Matt's place. Hallucinated a bit as I left Matt and Miri since I was so tired, which was a pretty interesting experience..

Hang Loose, Lono's home!

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Came back to Oxford about five hours ago and I am still buzzing. Morocco delivered and more. It was small (waist to head high) but we squeezed some really nice clean waves. Ahhh! Tomas was Mr Style Master on his Malibu and Kris surfed green water on his fourth day on a board. Like Imad said, as I cought up with him on the last day; "He's a natural, and don't forget you got some of that blood too Karl". Personally, I've never had more fun on a board or surfed better.

Yesterday afternoon I was supposed to leave the flat at 5pm, but I was still in the water at Devil's rock. Just one last wave... Came back to the flat packed, paid the last night with a case of beer, left a six and delayed the car return to 7pm. The I had a cold one with Jacob at his place before he drove me to the airport. I still have not showered off the salt.

I was pretty pleased as I picked up the board at the belt and a guy came up and asked if I'd been in Imsouane. Sure, I'd been there with the boys two times and by my lonesome that morning. And he goes; "Yeah I recognize you, you were on a minimal. You were doing pretty well at the point".

To sum my feelings up:I am super happy about my life, my surfing and the trip. It was a long time since I just felt so relaxed and warm about all things.

Incha Allah

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Got the bug!

I feel like a kid again. Bought my fourth surfboard yesterday, Ocean Magic 7'2" minimal, and can't wait to go. Tomorrow this time, I might have carved up some Moroccan waves, unless of course, I have to wait another day. Hi hi hi

At the moment I just need to get a presentation done for tomorrow, and then, I will blow the office for today...

Life is short, surf hard!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Morning session at the wall

I applied brainpower to climbing today, something that Brainiac has kept ranting about forever and ever, ever. So I changed the gameplan, managed to heelhook and reached out. In your face you pink problem.

Green used to be my favourite colour when I was little, I remeber this cause I painted a green ballon in class. Last week the green problem was tounting me from above, so now I turned my attention to it. The double, switft, hand movement on the overhang was the thing to nail. Brainiac went; "You gotta take it like bam bam". Almost thought he stopped using his weapon of choice, the shinking ray, and turned into a terroristus vulgaris, for a while. Anyway, cool as a cucumber I did it, thrusted my pelvis in agaist the wall, the ass followed, reached up and; bam bam!


Friday, April 07, 2006

Fuck fuck fuck!

The devil did not only steal the beat from the lord tonight, but he also got Jesus to slap Eva around. There were some laughs, fewer good songs and little dance so it was far from the best musical ever, but still pretty good for a Friday night. However, the expectations on the old Phantom of the opera in June will be higher than they were on Jerry Springer tonight. The libanese restaurant was good, although the poor waitress struggled a little with us I think. All in all, a good night out!


Thursday, April 06, 2006


..makes Karl a sad boy. Not that I am sad, I just want more before the deathtime. At the moment I've been couped up in my den for two solid days trying to kick the cold by keeping warm. So far it seems to be working. Tomorrow, I plan to be back in full production at the factory, by the grindstone, in salt mines or at office among the suited clones, in order to do my utmost for customers, shareholders and coworkers.

But being couped up has one advantage and that is that you can read some books. I've been reading a few by Kinky Friedman, and they bring out a loud laugh or two. "I picked up a blue bic lighter that had been with the family for 12 hours and carefully lit..". Another one, come to think of advantages, is that you can philosophise and ponder life in general. Nothing major has happend in my low life, pardon the pun, since Anita left for Oz about six months ago. We parted as the best of friends with both of us pretty much wanting more, but the puppet master simply followed the script of another boring tragedy. For a change I did not wail like a cat at midnight, though. That's always something, I guess, the questions is only of what.

Anyway, I think that I need another challenge in my life, and I am going to pick one and it's most likely will involve a move. Therefore I gotta maximise the rest of my time left on this island. After Morocco (just a week left till I go surfin') I will go to Finland in May for a wedding, then Scotland in June for at least a week. Also, I want to get cracking with the promotion business. It'll be super cool if we can put some live acts on within a few months here in Oxfordia. Then of course I'll do some more reviews, eh. Stu sent me the list the other day, but it's damn difficult this month due to all the travelling. Especially if I go to Barcelona on the 25th to 29th of April (anyone there around this time, since I'll be by my lonesome?). Anys, tomorrow I'll go to the Jerry Springer musical, with some good folks from work. It's supposed to be cool fun, but then again, so was the yoyo.

Bad Mongo aka Sailorman aka KvH

Gonza, Zlatan looked as pretty as ever when biting the grass and loitering about on the pitch. Never outgunned, We are Arsenal! Dreams are made of this. Let's see if there are tix availble for I am ready to part with that precious metal often referred to as , yeah that's right Shylock, GOLD.