Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hej hopp

It's been a bit empty. Everybody leaving blogger to go to facebook, myspace and so on. I've just been busy living though. And it's been great, although I forgive you for doubting.

Since last time we had my Swedish favourite band, Sounds like violence over here in Oxford and they did stay over at my place. Mum and dad have been here visiting. I've met a girl. I've got a new job that's been taking me to Dussledorf, Dublin, Seattle and Swindon. I've gone on holidays to Strömstad- Sweden, Edinburgh- Scotland and Granada- Spain. Last but not least I've watched Turbonegro as well!

I know, no surfing or snowboard since Australia in February and that feels not great. But what's a boy to do. Too much to choose from, so I seem to have lost priorities. He he. But seriously though, it's pretty great to have a girl again.

If you wanna catch up on the fanzine, go to and check out the Denture!


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