Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Oxford Revisited

So I am back again after the holidays. Last week I was kind of upbeat, though jetlagged. In the weekend everyday depression set in and today I got a bug in my throat.

All in all, however, things are really good. It's just difficult to get up to the pace of life hereafter being in my relaxed holiday-no-worries-mode for so long.

The weekend was used to catch up with the things I like here. So last Friday I went to Gammy Legs and caught up with Pete and Richard as well as Anita and watched Raggasaurus. The Saturday was spent reading and running and having some friends over for dinner. The Sunday was recovery mode and then Swiss Concrete, which was excellent. This night we had Spies are Flies from Hell, Mesaplex and the awesome Last Days of Lorca playing for us.

Stay awesome

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